Pregnancy -Making a decision.
|   Mar 16, 2017
Pregnancy -Making a decision.

It all started with the two lines appearing in the pregnancy test.I read the manual from the kit to check what it meant.I was to shocked to know that I was carrying. "Oh my god" I thought."I was married for just a month and now I was soon to be a mother,I better call my husband " I thought.I captured the picture of the two red lines and sent him across via messenger.The message had not yet delivered,I was growing more and more anxious every passing second.I rang him up but the line was busy.As I was awaiting his response eagerly random thoughts started lingering in my mind.

While a sense of happiness and achievement kept me occupied there were a lot of questions arising at the same time."Was it too soon?" ,"Do I have to sacrifice my career","Am I ready for such a big responsibility?","What might be the consequences?.. the questions seemed unending and totally suppressed my happy thoughts.Soon the phone rang and brought me back to me senses,It was my husband at the  other end of the line  and his hello seemed very different!

He was overwhelmed with joy! He congratulated me for becoming soon to be a mom.My doubts vanished by then and  we started to indulge in the happiness of the moment.Thats when we thought to inform our parents and thus the following day we called our parents and informed them.There was mixed response from both sides. 

We decided to take the plunge and welcomed pregnancy whole heartedly.Consulation with the doctor followed and with an internal scan I was under the normal category of pregnancy with no ectopic pregnancy reported.

They say every woman becomes a mother from the day she gets pregnant.The feeling slowly seeps into you.Gone were the days of confusion and tormenting thoughts.The life inside me made me smile Everytime I ran my fingers over it.

Thus I was ready for the "Experience of a lifetime"!

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