Run For The Hills! Kiddie Fun At Hill Stations Near Bangalore
|   May 04, 2016
Run For The Hills! Kiddie Fun At Hill Stations Near Bangalore

Come summer, we all dream of the cool breeze of a neighbouring hill-station. When holidaying with kids, one of the major concerns is how to keep them occupied and happy.Here are the recently opened places, you can take your children to enjoy. As parents, we need to plan for hill-stations that offer plenty of kid-friendly activities and attractions. We bring you 12 hill-stations close to Bangalore with plenty of entertainment options for kids. If you don't want to go out of Bangalore, here are some exciting things to do to beat the heat.

Try Horse Riding at Ooty

Ooty, situated 7350 feet above sea level and located around 270 kms. from Bangalore is a beautiful hill station with lush greeneries, waterfalls and has lots to offer to the travellers of various age groups. One of the key attractions of the hill station is Ooty Lake surrounded by tall Eucalyptus trees. There are a host of activities that kids will enjoy around the lake from boat riding, horse riding and cycling with hired cycles for older kids. There is also a beautiful Botanical garden and a Government rose garden for kids to enjoy. A must-do is the Toy train that will take you to Conoor - The mind blowing scenery combined with the ‘old world charm’ train ride make for an excellent trip.

The Honey & Bee Museum’ is a novel project at Ooty by the NGO, Keystone Foundation that has a small children’s activity room and a small knowledge resource unit on bees, environment and people

Enjoy family treks at Conoor

Located barley 19 kms. away from Ooty, Conoor is another popular hill station of the Nilgiris, famous for its verdant environs, variety of wildflowers and birds. Conoor provides a perfect setting for activities like trekking and hiking. It is also famous for its tea plantations. Kids will enjoy visiting the Sim’s Park is loaded with rare species of trees, plants and flowers of all varieties. There is a small pond where you can rent peddle boats or simply drop breadcrumbs to feed the multiple fish in the pond. Older kids will enjoy trekking through the mini forests to reach the Toda settlements.

Give Elephants a Bath Coorg

Located in the Western Ghats in the southwest part of Karnataka, 3500 ft. above sea level and 263 kms. from Bangalore is Coorg - popularly known as Scotland of India. The climate and the landscape of Coorg make it perfect for long walks, treks and its rich fauna make it a paradise for birdwatchers. Angling and white-water rafting are other activities one can indulge in when in Coorg. 

If your kids enjoy birding then a visit to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary - ranked high on the list of popular bird sanctuaries in the world is a must

A visit to the Dubare Elephant Camp where they can experience giving bath to elephants is a highlight for kids. You can also get a glimpse of mini-Tibet at the beautiful Namdroling Monastery with a 60 feet statue of Lord Buddha.

See Your Shadow in the clouds at Kodai Kanal

With its name meaning the ‘The Gift of the Forests’, Kodaikanal is a hill station located in the eastward hills of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal  is approximately 462 kms. from Bangalore located around 7200 feet above sea level. For kids Kodai Kanal offers numerous activities from boating around the Kodai Lake, horseriding and even cycling.  

You can also take a 1 kilometre walk along Coakers Walk and witness a rare phenomenon called ‘Brocken Spectre’ where your shadow is cast on the clouds that envelop the area.

Go Trout Fishing in Munnar

Munnar, located 475 kms. away from Bangalore is a town and hill station in Kerala situated at around 5,200 ft. above sea level. Kids will enjoy a visit to the Eravikulam National Park that is home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. They are friendly, docile and naturally tamed. Kids can pat them or pose for pictures with them. You can take an impromptu trip to the Tata Tea Museum where you can witness tea-processing or scream your name at the famous Echo Point  

The calm and still waters of the Mattupetty Lake is great for trout fishing and a must-visit for those who want to try their hand at fishing.

Visit a Deer Park Yercaud

Yercaud is a hill station in Salem District, in Tamil Nadu located 4970 ft. above sea level and 228 kms. from Bangalore. Besides the regular tourist points in Yercaud, you can take kids to the famous silk farms to learn more about the skills and techniques of silk production in India. Kids will also enjoy a picnic at the deer park where the visitors, watch the deer up-close and can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. If you kids are curious about how life had been during the Stone-Age era, a trip to the Kottachedu Teak Forest is a must. Filled with flora and fauna, the teak forest will take you back to the past, explaining how people lived before the incorporation of all modern developments.

Go on a Tiger Safari at BR Hills

The Biligirirangana Hills commonly called B R Hills, is a hill range situated approximately 254 kms. away from Bangalore. One of the major attractions of the Biligirirangana Hills is the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary – a tiger reserve at a height of 5091 feet above sea level.

Enjoy a Day Picnic at Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a hill station located about 35 km east of Bangalore and about 4500 ft above sea level. Nandi Hills is perfect for a day picnic with your family. Kids can visit the garden maintained by Horticultural departments well as the sunflower gardens that one can see enroute Nandi Hills.

Enjoy Zorbing at the Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills or Horsleykonda is a series of hills in Andhra Pradesh located around 144.1 kms. away from Bangalore. The town is in close proximity to the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and one can spot plenty of wild animals around the hill-station. There are plenty of adventure sports to explore from trekking, rappelling to zorbing.

Enjoy the night sky at Yelagiri

Located approximately 150 kms. from Bangalore is the hill station of Yellagiri located 3,460 feet above sea level. Kids will enjoy a view of the night sky at the Vainu Bappu Observatory or more popularly referred to as the Telescope Observatory. This observatory offers tourists a beautiful insight into the movement of our solar system’s celestial bodies. A trip to the government herbal farm is also a great way to teach kids about the various medicinal plants and their uses.

Take an Elephant Safari at Wayanad

Situated at a height of 2100 meters above sea level in Kerala, Wayanad located around 271 kms. from Bangalore is one of the most charming and calm hill stations of Kerala. Wayanad is abundant in waterfalls, lakes, ancient caves, and varieties of wildlife, which makes it one of the most sought after hill stations in India. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary offer a jungle safari on an elephant back. This hill-station is also a paradise for bird lovers.

 Teach Your Kids How Coffee is Made at Chikamangalur

Located approximately 242 kms. from Bangalore is Chikamangalur – a hill station known for its coffee plantations. Many of these plantations organise guided tours for families, where they can learn all about these delicious beans. You can also add a trip to the Coffee Yatra Museum to know more about the making process, right from picking, drying, and grinding. And after a tiring day at the plantation, your kids can visit the Hebbe and Kalahatti Falls for some fun splashing and water play.

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