Sankranti In The “Air”- Best Places To Buy Kites In Hyderabad
|   Jan 07, 2015
Sankranti In The “Air”- Best Places To Buy Kites In Hyderabad

Its January, school holidays are over, the end of the winter season is fast approaching and the festival of Sankranti is just around the corner! Time to buy new kites, teach kids how to fly kites and plan kite flying events!

Sankranti is celebrated in almost all part of the country in various cultural forms, and for Hyderabadi’s the celebrations are all about flying beautiful kites to create a beautiful, multi coloured skyline on the festive occasion.

Kite flying is refreshing for kids as it keeps them away from every type of “screen” and engages them in a fun physical activity.  Whether they fly a kite or simply watch the kites majestically fly through the sky, or just spend time with other family members who are flying kites, they will have a blast.

How to Make Kite Shopping Fun for Kids

If these basic tips are followed, kite buying will become a fun activity to do with your kids and make them feel all “grownup” and responsible;-

1) Plan- Plan your outing taking time for traffic considerations in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the kids feeding and nap schedules, hungry and tired kids don’t make the best shopping partners !

2) Set Expectations- Let your kids know beforehand exactly how you many kites they are allowed to buy so that they don’t go berserk looking at the wide variety of colours and shapes on display!

3) Keep Them in Sight- Areas selling kites in the city are generally traditional market areas with narrow streets where it is very easy to get distracted and lost. Keep an eye on all your kids at all times.

4) Bring Snacks / Break for a Meal- You know when the kids are starting to wind up; whip out a snack out to buy yourself a few more minutes. Or else take them to the nearest cafe to sample some yummy local treats. You could even club kite buying with some local sightseeing that you wouldn’t do under ordinary circumstances!

5) Make Them Choose, but Give Your Opinion- There’s nothing young children love more than helping. After all, kite flying is much more about them than you, so give them the freedom to choose the colours and styles they like the best.  

Best Places in Hyderabad to buy Kites:

To enhance the shopping experience further, visit shops and markets where shop owners are seasoned in the field, rather than the seasonal stalls which pop up every now and then.

While the price of kites imported from Delhi, Mumbai and China is on the higher side, at Rs. 150-200, Indian fighter kites are mostly priced between Rs. 25 and 150. Chinese kites are preferred for their stability, but in manoeuvrability, Indian kites are better and hence are favourites in competitions.

Here are some of the areas that are wholesale markets for kites and manjas at reasonable prices: -  

1)  Gulzar House, Charminar

Gulzar House has been a wholesale kite and manja market for years. Located between the Charminar and the Madina Building, it has close to 100 shops selling kites and manjas of various types, with the price ranging from Rs.2 to Rs.100.

Customized kites are made to order here, and artisans put in anything from your favourite heroes picture to your company logo for an advance payment and couple of days time. Along with kites and manjas, kite flying accessories such as plain thread (Saadi), Charaks, etc. are all available here.

2)  Mangalhat-Dhoolpet Stretch, Old City

The entire stretch from Mangalhat to Dhoolpet is filled with kite shops, most of whom function as wholesalers. The area is popular for kite and manja manufacturers. The narrow streets cleverly highlight the vibrant colours and designs of the varieties of kites available. 

3)  Begum Bazaar, Near Nayapul, Old City

Any mention of any kind of shopping in Hyderabad is incomplete without the mention of Begum Bazaar! Here, amongst the many shops that specialize in kites, Motilal and Balaji kite shops are most famous.

4)  Warasiguda, close to Osmania University Campus

About 10-20 kite shops located on the Warasiguda main road make the drive through this area extremely pretty. The kite shops sell good kites, but good quality manja cannot be assured. Dharmaiah kite house and Sarang kite centre are considered famous.

5)  Bata, Near Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Secunderabad

There are 15 to 20 wholesale shops near Sri Ujjaini Mahankali temple, Secunderabad. These shops sell different variety of kites and manjas, both local brands and imported from Mumbai and China.

Pointers to be kept in mind while buying kites and other accessories:

  • Always buy a “Doredaar” kite, i.e. bordered with a thread as it is designed to protect the kite from tearing, as opposed to the non-bordered ones.
  • Kites are available in different sizes. These include – number 5, number 6, half-pound (aada-pound), one-pound (ek-pound), and two-pounds (do-pound). The easiest kites to fly are the half pound kites, as they are big and easy to control and handle.
  • Darker colours make better kites as they make are visible even at greater heights.
  • Choose paper kites, in particular German paper kites as they fly well.
  • A “Halka Patang”, which is a kite in which both the horizontal and vertical sticks are thin and jointless are lightweight and easy to fly.
  • Be familiar with the local kite flying jargon like patang (kite), charak (spindle), manja (sharp thread used to cut others’ kites), saadi (plain thread), halka-patang (light weight kite), aada-pound, etc. so that the shopkeepers don’t fool you.

Thousands of people are employed in making kites in Old city, who work throughout the year to have the kites ready for this seasonal festival, make it worth their while, brighten up theirs and your “Sankranti” and have a safe and enjoyable experience. Happy Shopping!

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