Selecting a School? Have you considered the effect of the classroom design on your Child?
|   Oct 08, 2015
Selecting a School? Have you considered the effect of the classroom design on your Child?

Did you know that the design and architecture of the school can influence your child’s attitude towards schooling? Research shows that the built environment impacts children’s behavior. A number of studies have indicated that the indoor environment, as well as the outdoors, motivates children’s activities. For instance, a recent study in the UK suggested that the classroom environment can affect a child’s academic progress over a year by as much as 25%.


The school is the second home for a child. It is where he spends a large part of his day and it ought to be a happy place that is constructed in a thoughtful and scientific manner. Historically, schools have developed from being copies of military facilities to creative, fun learning and interactive classrooms. Today, new technologies and education approaches are reshaping how learning and study take place. Alternative ways of running schools are being promoted. The way we use and view schools is changing. When parents set out to search the perfect school for their child, there are many factors that they consider before making a decision such as syllabus, transport, extra-curricular activities etc. One important consideration that most parents miss is good architectural design and layout.


This is especially important because the design of the school can affect student behavior, development, and academic performance

 - Aspects such as fluidity in the flow of space, light and air without any obstruction can create a very conducive learning environment.

- Large open spaces are essential for your child to enjoy outdoor learning

- Other elements such as flexibility of space, storage facilities and organization, as well as use of colour can also effect the learning process

- The design of the school and its surrounding campus also play a significant role in facilitating student safety

- Abundance of natural light and ventilation makes a school for more appealing  and lends an air of optimism to the environment.

One such school, that understands the needs of students and their requirement for a safe educational space that inspires as well as encourages learning and play is the Red Bridge International Academy located at Electronic City.

Spread across a sprawling 18-acre campus with lush green environs, Redbridge International Academy has been designed keeping in mind little children

Visualised as a "School for Learning" for children, teachers and parents, the physical space of Redbridge International Academy reflects beauty, thoughtfulness and interaction with the elements. For the children, it represents a place where a variety of modes are available for learning; a space where they feel a sense of belonging. Classrooms, libraries, laboratories and activity rooms are laid out in varying forms and design to inspire interaction and active participation.

The classrooms at Red Bridge are large, well lit, ventilated and contain the best that technology has to offer including smart boards .With 15 children in a classroom, the furniture have been designed with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, utility and class room management . The positioning of the rooms allows for maximum flow of air through the corridors. Open windows of interaction with nature are spread all over the Redbridge campus, across all classrooms. From the water fountains to the lush green gardens and to the creation of the open courtyards, pathways and green spaces for each cluster of classes, the design of Redbridge is meant to evoke sensory and interactive experiences

Designed by Dinesh Verma, principal architect and managing director, ACE Group Architects, the RedBridge International Academy were recently awarded with the  International Architecture Award in the Second BERG Real Estate Awards in Singapore for designing the academy.

To know more about RedBridge International Academy or to schedule a school tour please visit



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