Spice Up Your Kid's Birthday Party! Top Unique Party Ideas in Hyderabad
|   Jun 01, 2016
Spice Up Your Kid's Birthday Party! Top Unique Party Ideas in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t like birthday parties! Each person has their own ideas to celebrate a birthday, but when it’s a kiddy birthday party, the emphasis is on FUN more than anything else! For kids, who anticipate their birthdays excitedly, counting down the weeks, days, hours and minutes until their special day comes; their birthday is the most exciting day of the year. 

And of course, we as parents just cannot stay neutral. We want to make the day as special as possible for our little and not so little ones and do our level best to do so! myCity4Kids is always at hand to make things easier for parents and here we have our curated list of best birthday party workshops in our city, that are designed to make your kids celebrations stand out from the norm and be much talked about events for their uniqueness and creativity of thought. 

Urban Gardening Workshops by SAGE Sustainable Living


Address: 1056A, Road no.52, Jubilee Hills

In an age filled with hi-tech gadgets, SAGE organises parties that help take the kids back to their roots. They have activities for various age groups which help children explore nature and improve their understanding of where their food comes from. 

These include scavenger hunting where children hunt for various types of vegetables, memory games and planting where they learn how to sow seeds using natural fertilizers. After the party, all the kids will have the knowledge to start their own gardening project with a little starter kit to get them going. Older kids can also expand their knowledge on a variety of issues including urban gardening, water harvesting, waste management, etc. through various activities. 

For more details, please click here.

Baking Workshops by The Kupcake Kitchen

Address: Plot 26, Cyber Meadows Society, Masjid Banda, Kondapur

This one is ideal for slightly older kids who are looking to celebrate their special day with just a few close friends. Ms. Anjali conducts basic baking birthday party workshops at her studio in Kondapur, where kids learn the basics of baking and how to decorate cupcakes using fondant and frosting. Groups of 8-10 kids between the ages of 10-15 years can have a yummy birthday celebration here!

For more details, please click here.

Enchanting Story Workshops by Once Upon A Time A House of Fairytales


Address: House No. 571, Road No.92, Jubilee Hills 

Whimsical, magical and oh so fun! These storytelling birthday party workshops will transport your kids and their friends to the mystical lands, far far away. The team of Once Upon A Time creates unique birthday party experiences right from the decor to the storytelling to the craft sessions associated with the story theme and idea chosen. A few popular party story ideas are The Hungry Caterpillar, Frozen, The Jumping Elves, etc. 

For more details, please click here.

Action Packed Birthdays by Sporty Beans

Address: Top strike/ Tag Plan no.128/A Rd no.11 Behind Southern Spice Restaurant, Jubilee Hills - 500033  

Sporty Beans birthday parties are the perfect way to entertain your child and their friends in high-energy sports and activities. Their coaches will run the party from start to finish, encouraging and fostering the participation of all children in non-competitive sports and games. Parties are generally 1, 1.5 or 2 hours in length, and conclude with a traditional birthday party celebration. Kids will have to catch their breath before they blow out the candles! This is ideal for kids starting from 2.5 years onwards. 

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Decorate your own Cupcakes with Little Miss Muffin

Address: Anandbagh, Malkajgiri 

Which kid doesn’t love yummy cupcakes! Ms.Maria of Little Miss Muffin takes this kiddy love for cupcakes and converts it into unique birthday party experiences. She conducts cupcake decorating sessions during birthday parties at your own home for kids of all ages, in which she brings ready cupcakes of different flavours, icing and different edible decorating materials like flowers, leaves, stars, etc. Kids can design their own cupcakes, which also double up as the perfect return gift for them! 

For more details, please click here.

Birthday at one with Nature at The Active Farm School


Address: ESCI Campus, Bs. Cyberabad Police Commissioner Office, Gachibowli

A Birthday adventure with some active, hands-on learning done in a creative way! Unique birthday party workshops wherein kids can learn about Agriculture, Farm Technology and Food Processing through fun, faster and easier methods. For elder kids, age specific activities like seed sowing, soil preparation, paddy transplantation, feeding animals, creating their own organic patch, etc. are organized and for slightly younger kids and toddlers, they have unique animal interaction programs where domestic animals like horses, goats, cows, etc. can be seen and interacted with, sort of like a natural version of a petting zoo! 

For more details, please click here.

Have a “Dirty” birthday with Dirty Feet


Address: 303, SMR Vinay Signature, Near St.Anthony’s Church, Mettuguda

If your child is the adventurous type, then there’s no better way to go about celebrating his or her birthday than with one of the unique birthday experiences by Dirty Feet. They organize theme based birthday excursions for a minimum of 15 kids, and have more than 20 themes for parents and kids to choose from! Everything right from the location, the meals, the games and the takeaways, all follow the theme chosen. 

Their most popular birthday parties have been on themes related to excursions to an animal farm, vegetable farms with rustic games, bullock cart rides, pottery themes, and also a fishing theme! They also have a unique Blessing from Leaves theme- where children are educated about different kinds of leaves, play games with those leaves, and other such fun stuff!

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Other than these unique birthday experiences, the popular children’s centres across the city also organize party workshops for children. They also offer the facility to customize the workshops as per the parent and child requirements. 

1) Books N More Library and Activity Centre

Address: Street No.2, West Marredpally, Secunderabad

PMs. Varsha and her team of resource persons can come together to give you the birthday party of your dreams (or rather, of your children’s dreams!) Catering to a minimum of 30 kids, their workshops have varied themes like recycling, craft sessions, storytelling sessions, hair braiding, science magic, Lego building, etc. as well as cooking workshops, theme games as well as fun, exciting treasure hunts for kids! These are conducted both in their premises as well as outbound at different birthday party locations.

For more details, please click here.

2) Our Sacred Space

Address: Near Orchids Florist, S.P.Road, Secunderabad

Having a birthday party in the peaceful, warm and eco-friendly environment of Our Sacred Space can possibly be the best birthday celebration ever, and throw in some fun, earthy activities like Lippan art work, pottery making, clay moulding, basket weaving and flower making, and you’ve got a sure-fire hit party on your hands! 

For more details, please click here.click here.

3) Gymboree

Address: 1057, PBN Center, Road No.45, Jubilee Hills

As a unique indoors play and learning centre in Hyderabad, Gymboree is also one of the funnest places to have a birthday party! Their unique hands-on and age oriented play, music, dance and art sessions can be incorporated into birthday parties, and they also organize other birthday party workshops like origami, cooking, etc. 

For more details, please click here.

We do hope these suggestions help all you parents out in creating unique experiences for your kids on their very special day, and their friends go home raving about what a fun party it was! 

If you know of any other places, please write to us at namrata.sadhvani@mycity4kids.com

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