Spin the Potter's Wheel! Best Places for Kids to learn Pottery in Pune
|   Aug 31, 2016
Spin the Potter's Wheel! Best Places for Kids to learn Pottery in Pune

Pottery is a fun activity that children of all ages enjoy thoroughly. These days, pottery workshops are a great hit in birthday parties, farm tours and other children’s events. If taken up as a hobby, it can have great benefits for children. 

However, before your child starts dabbling in pottery, it is important to know a few basics. Mycity4kids spoke to DhanashreeKelkar, a well-known mural artist and a studio potter in Pune.

Mycit4kids: Why should children be encouraged to learn pottery?

Dhanashree: Pottery can be quite relaxing for children. It enhances their creativty and helps them to develop skills such as patience, self-esteem and discipline.

Mycity4kids: What are the types of pottery?

Dhanashree: There are two types of pattery – ‘hand-built’which is done without the use of a potter’s wheel, and‘wheel-thrown’which makes use of a potter’s wheel.

Mycity4kids: Which is easier for children to learn?

Dhanashree: Hand-built pottery is comparitvely easier for children. They can practice it at home after a few hours training as well. Wheel-thrown pottery requires knowledge of concepts and experience, which comes over a period of time.

Mycity4kids: There are so many types of clay used for pottery. What is the difference?

Dhanashree: The type of clay depends on plasticity, which is the quality of clay to retain a shape when molded. The popular types are earthenware (terracotta, for example), stoneware and porcelain.

Mycitykids: How is clay modelling such as Ganesha idol making different from pottery?

Dhanashree: Essentially, there is no particular demarcation. People who know their way with clay can adopt to both pottery and clay modelling easily. Clay modelling may also involve sculpting, though.

Now that you are familiar with pottery, here is a list of pottery artists/classes in the city to bring out the potter in your child.


(Image Credit: DhanashreeKelkar)

Location: Own studio in Sinhgad Road and various art galleries / activity centres  

Age Group: 5 years and above

DhanashreeKelkar’s expertise lies in terracotta based pottery. She believes that clay is the best medium of self-expression for children. She teaches to make a variety of earthen pots, murals, vases and utility items. During her workshops, she guides the participants through the process of kneading and shaping the clay, followed by drying and final baking.

For more details, please click here.

Shrishti Pottery 

Location: Plot 551, Survey 551, Bhugaon, Opposite ManasSarovar, Bhugaon

Age Group: 6 years and above 

Madhulika from Shrishti Pottery uses stonewear and porcelain to teach hand-built pottery to children. The duration of workshops is usually 1.5 hours each for two days. On the first day, she teaches the fundamentals of clay and process of mixing. The second day comprises moulding clay to give various shapes and painting them as per children’s imagination.

For more details, please click here.

Blue Bulb

Location 1: Nr. ICICI Bank, Kalyani Nagar

Location 2: Five Garden, Rahtani

Age Group: 7 years and above 

In this two hour pottery workshop, children can experience both hand-building as well as pottery wheel technique. The first hour will focus on moulding clay into mugs, figurines or anything the participants wish. The second hour will teach how to shape the wet clay into a small bowl, make designs and add finishing touches.

For more details, please click here.

Monali’s Pottery, Jewellery& Paper Craft Courses

(Image Credit: Monali’s Pottery, Jewellery& Paper Craft Courses)

Location: Shop No. 11, Spandan, Popular Nagar, Warje

Age Group: 5 years and above 

The duration of the pottery worshops here is between 1 day and 10 days. Students can learn terracotta pottery on an electrical pottery wheel.

For more details, please click here.

If you know of more places, write a mail to smita.omar@mycity4kids.com

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