Starting School - To do list for Mums
|   Jul 15, 2016
Starting School - To do list for Mums

My 3 year old daughter struts around the house feeling very important. I look at her in amusement and ask, “What are you doing?” She replies, “I am going to go to my office soon” She obviously means she is starting play school post summers and she has just found out. Further, she adds, “Now even I need a new bag” She is referring to the new office bag I just bought for myself. You see, my daughter has been going to day-care since she was 9 months. But now since she is starting preschool albeit in the same day-care place, she is feeling grown up. Mimicking me she says, “I cannot be late for school, oh I mean office. I have a scary boss who will be very angry” Playing on with her office going plan, I sit and jot down the essentials for her “Back to School” or rather “Starting School” kit.

School Uniform: I have already got 2 pairs from her school as a part of the starting kit. However, I went ahead and got one more set as knowing my hyperactive daughter, she would quickly spoil them, so an extra pair makes sense. I have also seen children grow out of their uniforms post summer holidays so I think it is advisable to buy a slightly bigger size.

School Bag: Though she already has a daycare bag which can double up as a school bag, my daughter insists on a new one. Taking the office going façade a little longer, saying her boss (read Teacher) will be cross if we use the same bag. I lovingly give in and get her favourite cartoon character bag for her. I am particular is choosing a bag which is easy for the child to carry. I was both surprised and relieved to find a Tupperware bag. As she grows up, I think this will become more important as the weight of her school bag will keep going up. Hence, I take her along and make her try out the bags and she is obviously thrilled to pick a Dora bag.

Colours: My daughter loves colouring and a box had to accompany us wherever we go. To restaurants, relatives houses and even on vacations. I get a new set for school knowing she will use it well. Thankfully she is particular about her own things and always ensures they come back home. So buying a new set doesn’t hurt.

Tiffin Box: Probably the favourite one in the list for my foodie daughter. She loves her food and her boxes. Even when she goes to day-care, the first thing she does is opens her bag to see what all I have given her for the day. Selecting lunch boxes wasn’t difficult at all. I simply went and bought different sizes of Tupperware boxes for her. They are extremely safe, light weight and highly durable. And my daughter loved them because they came in her favourite Dora character. In fact there was Barbie, Ben10, Captain America, Iron Man and many more and I was tempted to buy them all.

Water Bottle: These are prized possessions for children. In a minute, she picked a Dora water bottle. I checked for the quality and it was unmatchable. Easy to clean, lightweight yet strong, I was assured that it was safe.

I know as she grows up, this list will keep going up. I am not complaining as I reminisce about my own “Back to School” days. Though there is still time for her to start school, she gets so excited seeing her newly acquired set. I also know that the colours might get used and she will insist on showing off her new bottle. But all said and done, I am happy for my little one. She is going towards a new milestone and these little things will add on to her fun.

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