Super Nutrition for New Moms
|   Jul 19, 2017
Super Nutrition for New Moms

Mothers are the guardians of life. Super Moms embody the mysterious regeneration that sustain humanity. It is a cherished dream of each woman and a life-transforming experience. To begin with, your body is not the same; instead of a flattened stomach you find a tummy with some loose hanging folds of skin sure to upset you a bit. Then there is also these see- saw of emotions; happy at one end and depressed on another, the beginning of so-called baby blues. Recovery coincides with your needs versus the never-ending needs of a helpless being whose whole life depends on you. Being a mother is an underrated job and very demanding as it goes on 24X7, even if you’re simply out or work you still are a full-time parent. Your success in being a mother lies in your ability to pursue your own life with care and courage, balancing yours and your baby’s health and wellbeing.  

The great changes that your body undergoes need not only proper nutrition but proper exercise to get back in shape and some mental relaxation to deal with the new challenge.  


For all the running about that you are doing you surely need a lot of energy. Foods that release slow sugars are required for sustained energy, the ones with a low glycemic index so that you don’t get exhausted. Apples, porridge, oats, brown rice, dates, figs, apricots are few to name.


Rich carbohydrate foods will ensure that your brain produces serotonin, a calming substance. Potatoes, pasta, bread, roti, and rice are good sources. Herbal teas are a good alternative to normal teas such as lavender and chamomile which encourage relaxation. 

Nutritional needs are very crucial during this period as a mother nourishes (breastfeeding) the newborn too. If nutritional needs are not met, the mother's body gets depleted. Iron and Calcium are the most important as is spinach, sesame seeds, poppy seeds green leafy vegetables and milk are also good sources.

Selenium and Zinc are also very important in recovery along with Vit C and Vit E found in broccoli, watercress, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, avocado's, fish and nuts.

Trying to loose weight immediately after delivery is not a good idea as nutritional needs are highest. 450-570 extra calories are needed for as a breastfeeding mother. However, getting these calories from low-fat nutritive foods help to burn those earlier fat deposits without much disturbing the body. Fluid intake is vital for a good milk flow. Onions are believed to increase the flow.


High salt and sugar containing foods.

Processed foods.

Hard cheese.

Full-fat dairy.

Fizzy drinks.




Soups and broths.

Low-fat milk.


Wholemeal bread-Roti.



Fish and poultry.  

Increase Breast Milk: Satavari and onions are the best food to take.

Organic Oats- Good sleep is very important to balance the pituitary to keep hormones in check. Oats are nutritious and healing with an affinity to the nervous system working both to stimulate and restore.

Royal Jelly- Highly nutritious it boosts energy levels, supports adrenal gland which gets affected due to stress.

CoENZYME Q10- Helps cells to utilize energy efficiently.

Ginger- Helps to boosts natural energy levels.

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