Scarred Mom Shares Powerful Breastfeeding Photos to Inspire Others
|   Jul 14, 2017
Scarred Mom Shares Powerful Breastfeeding Photos to Inspire Others

Schamica (Mimi) Stevenson, a US woman, who thought she’d never be able to breastfeed her children due to the severe burns she suffered as a girl, has shared touching photos of herself nursing her newborn son.

Mimi, a burns survivor, has shared touching photos of herself nursing her infant son August, hoping they will give hope to other struggling moms to overcome all odds.

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Now 34, Mimi suffered severe burns in a house fire when she was only 2-years-old, when a family boiler exploded. She spent most of her childhood in and out of skin grafting surgeries, and still carries scars of the dangerous incident, in which she also lost her baby brother.

Shy and introverted while growing up, and hiding her scarred body under long sleeves and loose dresses, Mimi had her first child, a daughter she named Paris, at the age of 20, but was too fearful of giving breastfeeding a try and used formula instead.

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She has now shared her story of successfully nursing her infant son August to help others not to give up like she did when she was 20. She encourages others moms by telling them as long as their breasts work they should be used the way nature intended them to be.

Mimi is studying to be a nurse and took an emotional decision to share her photos and story online, which have since then gone viral, been shared by thousands online. A photographer reached out to her after seeing a photo of the mom, and organized a professional shoot with the powerful survivor.

The photos were then shared with the caption “Mother of two. Fire survivor. Warrior. Breastfeeder.”

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Mimi overcame all obstacles and defied all odds to make her story a successful one, and the photographer Ivette Ivans helped her share it with the world, in the hope that it reaches someone who needs it the most.

The photos have managed to inspire many, and have also attracted a lot of positive comments on Facebook, including “This is what woman's strength is about. Wonderful!” and “I'm amazed at how beautiful this is.”

Stories like these inspire moms to keep going and achieve their goals, no matter what difficulties they face, and we say Kudos to Mimi for sharing hers with the world!

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