The best baby and toddler products today: Review of MeeMee
|   Sep 16, 2015
The best baby and toddler products today: Review of MeeMee

As a mom, I know how overwhelming it is to choose the right products for our little ones. We are constantly bombarded with loud advertisements by baby brands about all kinds of baby products, from shampoos and creams to feeding bottles and clothes.

So how is it then that we decide which the best product is for our baby? Is it instinct, learning from other moms past experiences or trying out different brands till we know what works best for our baby? Or is it picking the one brand that reaches out to us more than the others, purely due to the quality of its products and the superior care they promise our kids?

When I had conceived, I was literally over the moon (I’m sure like every other mother out there!). And when I realized I was carrying twins, it became all the most imperative for me to be fully prepared with every kind of baby care essential that would be needed by my precious newborns.

MeeMee Wipes

One of the most important baby care essentials was baby wipes. After doing a LOT of research, I invested in MeeMee baby care wipes, as I found those to be the best in terms of quality as well as pricing. With just the right amount of moisture to clean the baby’s skin and not cause rashes, these non-alcoholic wipes were great value for money and most of all safe for my kids.

Since the time they were newborn and now two and half years later into the toddler stage, I’ve always used MeeMee wipes for my boys. These packets are always found in my handbag as well, at home, one in car, and so forth.

The trust that the brand MeeMee invoked in me after using these excellent baby wipes made me venture into trying out their Feeding Bottles, Baby Carriers and even a High Chair for my boys. I’ve found all these products to be of excellent quality, and well suited to the Indian mommies and kids mindset.

MeeMee Feeding Bottles

The feeding bottles are available in bright colours, individually as well as in sets of three. My twins have learnt to identify their bottle by the bold colours, Red is Advait’s and Pink is Agastya’s, this has helped them with colour identification, as I find they identify red and pink objects clearly.

MeeMee Baby Carrier

I used the Mee Mee 3 in 1 Baby Carrier in Black, which I found great to use, with cushioned shoulder straps to ease the weight on the parent ‘carrying’ the baby, and arrangements for carrying my baby inwards as well as outwards. It made going out with the kids simple and easy, one strapped to me and one to my husband!

MeeMee High Chair

The High Chair that I bought was a bright orange and blue colour, with a cute cartoon print on it. It’s very easy to assemble, and has minimal parts to ensure sturdiness. There are not too many joints on it, which makes it extremely easy to clean. This is the biggest concern for all moms, as it’s important to keep baby items clean at all times to avoid infections. The tray is easily detachable as well, so in case you don’t want to wash the whole chair just the tray can be detached and cleaned.

New Stores in Hyderabad

So with all my experience in using MeeMee products, when I heard that the brand is launching two new stores in Hyderabad, to make the grand total of their stores in the city up to 10, I let my curiosity take its natural course and made my way to the two newest stores, one in  A.S.Rao Nagar in ECIL and the other in Jeedimetla.

MeeMee at A.S.Rao Nagar, ECIL, Hyderabad

This store was launched on the 27th of August in ECIL amidst great fanfare. This is a company owned store and is spread across a huge area, with G+1 floors. The biggest advantage of this store that it stocks all products needed for baby and kids care, from new born to four years of age. The products are spread across seven basic categories, which are:-

-   Apparel

-   Footwear

-   IFU- Infant Utility

-   Toys

-   Furniture

-   Maternity

-  Back to School ( this is a seasonal category, wherein during specific times of the year they stock back to school products like pencil boxes, tiffins, etc. from Disney)

One more great advantage is that in the IFU section, which is essentially baby care essentials like wipes, lotions, body washes, feeding bottles, and all other toiletries, etc., they stock not only MeeMee but other brands as well like Pigeon, Sebamed, Chicco, etc.

Meemee has also recently launched their own line of baby wear, so amazingly cute casual wear clothes for girls and boys are stocked in this store at extremely affordable prices. From baby cots to prams, from lotions to potty seats, this store is a one stop shop for all expectant parents as well as parents of kids till four years of age.


MeeMee at Suchitra Circle, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad

My next stop was the newly launched franchisee MeeMee store at Jeedimetla. This is a smaller store in comparison to the one in ECIL, but has a strategic location in the midst of a residential zone and below the popular Spencer’s supermarket that ensures a lot of walk in customers.

Prominent signboards guide you to the store that is located in the basement below Spencers, and a well organized display guides you to automatically pick up whatever product you are looking for (and some that you just decide to pick up on the spur of the moment as well!)

The store is smaller than the company owned store in ECIL, but stocks all products across various baby care categories. The range of products is slightly less though due to limited space.

Overall, as a customer, I was extremely satisfied with the stores, their layout, their design, approach as well as range of products. Since I’ve already been using the MeeMee brand products for my kids, it was a good opportunity to indulge in some more retail therapy for the kids and stocking up on clothes as well as essentials like MeeMee wipes, Chicco Body Wash and Sebamed lotion.


Great stores, great products, great products- well spent day for Mommy!

All MeeMee products are available online at as well as major online retailers like Firstcry, Amazon, BabyOye, etc.

The MeeMee ECIL store is located at LIG 3, Dr.A.S.Rao Nagar, Kapra, ECIL, Next to the Biba Store, Hyderabad.

The MeeMee Jeedimetla store is located at Survey Number 73, Satyam Block, Cellar, Below Spencers Supermarket, Ramraj Nagar, Near Suchitra Circle, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad.

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