"The Moments Of Today or Fibres Of Tomorrow"
|   Jun 11, 2015
"The Moments Of Today or Fibres Of Tomorrow"

How we love our children today; they will love themselves tomorrow.

How we adore and accept them; they will accept themselves tomorrow.

How we shout and be angry with them; they will be angry with themselves.

How we disgust and abandon them; they will abandon themselves.

How we see their mistakes today; they will see their own mistakes tomorrow.

How we let go, forget and forgive; they will let go and forgive.

How we live and laugh with joy today; they will connect with their joy.

How much we trust and believe in them, they will stay trustworthy and believe in themselves.

How much we suspect and control; they will rebel and power struggle as much.

How much truly present we are in their life today, they will be present too later...

The more we cherish their every moment of 'today'; the richer will be their 'tomorrow'...

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