The Most Awkward Family Photos on The Internet
|   Jun 28, 2017
The Most Awkward Family Photos on The Internet

We all enjoy taking beautiful pictures of our family that we can cherish for years to come. But sometimes these pictures do not do not come out as planned. And then there some of these photos fail so spectacularly that they earn a spot as one of the most awkward family photos ever. If you ever thought, however, that your family photos were embarrassing wait until you see what is included in our list of the most awkward family photos on the internet. Enjoy the extreme awkwardness!

The Pukiful Family

What happens when you kid eats a whole tub of ice-cream before an important family photoshoot.

The Family That Cries Together

When you can’t smile together for a photo, you might as well cry together

The Rock Star Family

This is supposed to be a family photo, but let’s be honest: the real star of the picture is that outrageously over-teased hair.

The Puckered up Family

In theory, family kissing pictures are the cutest. Until the look on one of the girls face showed that perhaps this is not always true.

The Barking Enemies Family

Not everyone in this family gets along with each other


This is what really happens behind the scenes of a family portrait

Change Of Heart

When you don’t want to be in the picture, but are upset about being left out of the picture

Out of Control Kids

When the term out of control takes on a new meaning

Everyone Loves Daddy

Its quite obvious who is the family favourite here

Sibling Love

When you love your little brother so much, you want to eat himIf you think your family is a little strange, just remember these photos and be grateful. You could have been in one of them!All images courtesy

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