The second line.. 
|   Feb 19, 2017
The second line.. 

It all started with a light pink line..

I had a sudden doubt that I might have concieved.. I was on my throat infection medicines when I told my doc that I have a doubt that I am pregnant.. She told to me to stop all my meds and take the test very next day.. I dont know what exactly was I hoping for but I was expecting a single line when suddenly I saw there it was.. very light but still very much there.. The second line.. I ran to my husband to confirm if he was able to see the second line and it was not just my imagination.. and my darling hubby with his sleepy eyes confirmed that indeed there was a second line..

Then came the gynaec appointment.. and wait for the first sonography to hear my sweet pea's heartbeat.. Me and my husband were a bunch of nerves when we first entered the radiologist's cabin and suddenly we heard it.. the sound that confirmed the existence of our little prince.. his heart beats were there..loud and clear.. our joy knew no bounds.. 

Come 9 months later.. one fine evening after my afternoon siesta I woke up with strong movements.. when my hubby asked why did you wake up so soon I told him.. our little one was very much awake inside and so I could not sleep.. my husband wished then that our baby should come out now as I was already 37 weeks pregnant and I too wished the same and told hubby ya even I feel he should come out.. and I sat saying this.. when there was a strong pain in my lower back.. it lasted for about 10 mins.. we thought it was not labour as my gynaec had said I would take one more week.. nevertheless we went to our gynaec just to be sure it was not labour.. but our little one had other plans.. he wanted to come out too and there was my gynaec telling me you are in labour dear.. you will deliver tomorrow.. and the next day after 4 hours of labour came our angel all crying.. with his grey eyes, a mini version of my husband ..

2 months later I am holding him in my arms trying to put him to sleep at 2 a.m. I am sure there can never be any moment as beautiful as this.. I complain that he doesnt let me sleep at night but I know this is the time we mother and son get to be with each other with no one else to disturb us.. 

Motherhood has just begun for me and as far as I have seen till now its a rollercoaster ride with a new twist at every angle.. 😄 ❤ Cheers to all the new mom's out there.. we are going to rock motherhood.. 😎😉😍

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