This Mom's Viral Post Explains Exactly Why 'Mom-Shaming' is Wrong
|   Jul 06, 2017
This Mom's Viral Post Explains Exactly Why 'Mom-Shaming' is Wrong

A large part of motherhood is defined by mom-shaming, whether we’re at the receiving end or inadvertently so, at the giving end also. This viral post explains exactly why mom-shaming is wrong, and it needs to end NOW.

Ask every mom you know and she will reply in the affirmative if ever asked if she’s being criticised for her parenting skills. This is more common than we think, and last week, mommy blogger Laura Mazza who blogs at Mum on the Run decided that enough was enough and put in a global call in a Facebook post to end mom-shaming!

In her post that has since gone viral with 4k+ reactions and 3k+ shares, she throws light on the judgement that most moms face for the parenting choices they make – from breastfeeding to bottle feeding to cloth diapering to baby wearing to pre-school choices to foods we give our kids to eat – it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion on our decision, and shockingly, most of this judgement comes from other moms (although the non-moms do their fair share of judging as onlookers as well!).

This needs to stop. It isn’t helping anyone, and it’s creating a huge rift in the sisterhood of motherhood of which we’re all a part of. And Laura’s post starts quite strongly yet simply with the single sentence: “Don’t judge me.”

It doesn’t stop there, of course, since Laura knows she needs more than that to capture people’s attention. She draws a number of parallels to the shaming that is done on a regular basis, including saying that we don’t love our children if we complain about them or bragging about them if we say how perfect they are.

The post highlights a number of mommy-shaming topics, and calls for an end to judgements more than once. “Don’t belittle the act of a mother feeding her baby”, she pleas, supporting both the bottle feeding and the breastfeeding moms.

She beautifully defends every mom out there, from single moms to the moms who haven’t lost all the baby weight – basically, every mom who gets judged every single day.

“Every mother has her own story,” says Mazza, “…and remember before you criticise, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes.”

Here’s the link to her original Facebook post.

All we can say to Laura is, well said mamma, well said! 

Picture Courtesy: Laura Mazza (Mum on the Run) on Facebook

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