This Mother Has A Genius Phone Hack To Make Sure Her Teen Is Not Lying
|   Aug 10, 2017
This Mother Has A Genius Phone Hack To Make Sure Her Teen Is Not Lying

If you ever worry that your teenage kids may be lying about their whereabouts when they leave home, you will enjoy try Heather Steinkopf’s trick. A mother to a teenage daughter – Kaelyn, Heather has invented a simple lie-detecting phone trick that is going viral for its sheer genius.

Basically, Heather texts her daughter, Kaelyn, when she’s out with her friends, and to make sure she is where she says she is, Steinkopf requests that Kaelyn perform a specific action and text her the photo of that action.  These simple actions like a “thumbs up” with a certain expression on her face are something that her daughter can’t quickly grab from her existing camera roll – a sneaky trick that many teenagers use to fool their gullible parents.

For instance, she recently wanted to check her daughter Kaelyn was where she said she was going to be - at her friend Stevie’s house. So she instructed Kaelyn to send a selfie of herself and her friend Stevie with their thumbs up.

When Kaelyn sent the selfie of herself and Stevie with their thumbs up, Heather then asked them to put the light on and send another selfie with Stevie on Kaelyn’s back - because these are the type of photos you can’t plan in advance, right?

Speaking to Buzzfeed this genius moms says that, she often asks for specific poses so her teenage daughter can't send an old photo of herself with her friends and try to pass it off as one she just took.

To give credit to this patient daughter, Kaelyn obeyed all the photo commands until her mum finally gave her the all clear with a text that said: “Alright, you pass, have a great night.” She also tweeted screenshots of the conversation with her mum with the caption: “I think it’s safe to say my mum doesn’t trust me.

Many parents might feel that this method is a bit excessive, however it is a playful way to establish boundaries and build trust for young teens. This trick has worked perfectly for this mother – daughter duo and even strengthened their bond.  At least Kaelyn knows her mom just wants her to be safe and honest about what she’s doing.

Do share with us any such parenting tricks and hacks that you might have with your kids.

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