This Sikh Student's Emotional Graduation Speech Will Melt Your Heart
|   Jun 22, 2017
This Sikh Student's Emotional Graduation Speech Will Melt Your Heart

Remember your graduation day? Maybe, you partied with your friends, bid goodbyes to professors and then moved on to build a new future for yourself, leaving behind your university days.

For Angad Singh Padda, a student at Berkeley College, University of California, his graduation day was as big as it could get for any student. Sporting a bright yellow turban and an infectious smile, he made the day, even bigger, better, different and more memorable for his entire class of 2017 by giving a speech that is now making inspirational waves around the world.

This 23-year-old ambitious boy who hails from Punjab took the stage by storm by talking to his 400 fellow students about world problems and how they can put education to go beyond themselves to make this world a better place. He went on to urge them to unify the humanity, and leave no scope for ‘I’ or ‘Me’ because there is only ‘Us’ and ‘We’.

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And, what are these world problems that Angad is trying to highlight? The answer lies in his powerful words, “Whenever there’s a kid in Oakland who can’t afford school, that’s a problem. Whenever climate change wipes out a species, that’s a problem. Whenever a Muslim woman gets bullied because of her hijab, or a Jewish man because of his yarmulke, or a Sikh man because of his turban, that is a problem. When a father in Syria cries because he lost his entire family to a missile strike, that’s a problem.”

This is how he instigated his peers to think about a world problem that matters most to them and would like to resolve. At his end, Angad wants to make a difference to the lives of people by tackling issues such as drug abuse in his home state Punjab and socio-economic disparity in the rural villages of India.

Angad is a National Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, and has the Poets & Quants Best and Brightest Business Undergraduate Award to his credit. He is also a self-taught single digit handicap golfer.

We are so proud of this intelligent and compassionate young man!

Watch the video of the speech:

Also, check out Angad’s bio here.

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