This Viral Video Hilariously Shows a Man's Horror at Witnessing Childbirth
|   Jul 11, 2017
This Viral Video Hilariously Shows a Man's Horror at Witnessing Childbirth

It’s often been said that the biggest support for moms who labour so hard and for so long to bring new life into this world are their partners. But this woman’s partner during childbirth just kept freaking out as he witnessed a child being born, and the expressions are priceless!

Pregnancy, and the act of bringing life into this world, is an act which centres on women, and rightfully so. After all, we’re the ones carrying life inside us for nine months and then pushing them out of us thereafter, either vaginally or through a C-Section. However, what we as women sometimes fail to understand or realize is that how much of the final act is just so terrifying for men!

The women do all the work and go through all the pain, so it’s natural that they want a partner who is in control and not freaking out by their sides when they are actually in labour, but somehow that seems to be too much to ask for from males as well.

If you don’t believe me, you can check this guy, whose expressions of pure horror at witnessing his partner give birth are going viral!

This video was shared by the Spanish viral content page, Karma, last week and the internet is going crazy over his terrified face in the delivery room, and he’s not even the one giving birth!

Video Courtesy: Henry Bergeron on YouTube

We don’t blame him though, he really really tried. At one point, he also tries to comfort his partner by putting his hand on her shoulder, but then he quickly recoils in horror again. He tried his best, but the world can’t stop laughing at his expressions while he did that!

Picture courtesy: Screengrab from the Video

This post has received universal acclaim and millions of women worldwide have tagged their partners, because the moment in itself is just too precious and a memory that remains with us forever. Bringing life into this world is not a cakewalk, and apparently not just for women!

We hope that this man wiped the look of horror off his face before his wife turned around to face him; else we’re sure he was going to be in a lot of trouble!

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