Top 10 Benefits of Exercises During Pregnancy
|   Jun 08, 2017
Top 10 Benefits of Exercises During Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby? then this blog is just for you. No matter which week of your pregnancy you are in, doing exercise and keeping yourself active has its own set of benefits. In my last blog, I had listed all the exercises a pregnant woman should engage in. In this article, I would like to share with all dear pregnant mamas, what are the benefits they would enjoy by doing them on a consistent basis. Though exercises offer a whole range of benefits, I have  just listed the top benefits of exercise below:


      1. Any form of breathing exercise would increase the oxygen uptake into the lungs. More oxygen would detoxify the entire body and flush out the toxins. Researchers say, 70% of the toxins in the body are expelled by breathing, this justifies that if you are not breathing efficiently, you are not getting rid of the toxins in the body efficiently
      2. Breathing also relaxes your body, mind, emotional stress and pain. It strengthens your lungs, improves digestion and boosts immunity
      3. Exercises such as walking, swimming and low impact dancing which are grouped together as endurance or cardiovascular exercises can improve your overall metabolism. Studies say, they not only contribute to the heart health of the mother but also of the baby
      4. Exercise during pregnancy keeps common complications such as constipation  at bay by increasing the bowel movements 
      5. Drainage of swollen ankles become easier with exercise due to the  increase in circulation
      6. Doing stretches during pregnancy can make the muscles flexible and aid in a normal delivery
      7. Simple strengthening exercises can help the mother to get rid off low back pain which is common during pregnancy
      8. Getting back into shape is also easier  with exercise if you have stuck to a routine through the pregnancy phase
      9. Common complications of pregnancy such as gestational diabetes and hypertension can also be moderated efficiently with exercise
      10. Exercise is also the most effective tool to check on excess weight gain during pregnancy


Having read these benefits, I am sure every pregnant mom would kick start her exercise schedule immediately, let me make it clear, never begin your exercise without your doctor's consent. The next tip would be to get an expert's advice and also to keep your exercise protocol less intense. Your body is your best guide, it will tell you when you are straining too much.

My recommendation as a physiotherapist and a mother is to find a credible antenatal instructor. If you are living in Chennai, sessions run by Newborn Connexions hosted by Dr.Bijal Vasa, Dwi, Cloudninecare etc are very comprehensive for all pregnant mothers. These sessions include pragmatic insights right from a simulated labor to preparations for labor, they are a rare kind to find in an Indian set up.

I also came across an impressive video by the actor.Lara Dutta, where she demonstrates a complete yoga session that you can do during pregnancy. These yogic combinations were quite effective and offered completely free by a stem cell bank, you can begin your exercise by following this video: or purchase the DVD online on Amazon.

In my next article, I will share more interesting insights on getting back into shape after pregnancy.

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