Top 10 things to do at 'Numaish' with your kids
|   Jan 14, 2015
Top 10 things to do at 'Numaish' with your kids

All of Hyderabad knows, the Numaish is here! Numaish, or the All India Industrial Exhibition, is an annual exhibition that started in 1938 and has touched the life of every Hyderabadi. In its 75th year in 2015, and the first edition in the newly formed state of Telengana, it promises to refresh the memories of every state citizen.

Numaish is open to the public from January 1 to February 15, 2015. On these 46 days, all roads lead to the venue at Nampally Exhibition Grounds. The excitement of Numaish sets in as soon as you enter the road leading to the famous Gate No 1, along which are shops selling never-heard-of food items, balloons, bubble blowers, etc.


An entry ticket of Rs 20 guarantees unlimited entertainment. What started as a modest exhibition of indigenous products today attracts more than 25 lakh visitors and does business of over Rs 100 crore. Although you can visit Numaish with the whole family, here are some child oriented activities at Numaish that will keep them and you thoroughly entertained.


Toy Train Ride
A mini-train with its loud honk runs through the exhibition and gives one an idea of how large and grand this event is. Also, it’s useful if you don’t want to walk around a lot, just hop on and off the train whenever you want to! Tickets cost for adults and kids are Rs.10, and the timings are 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 8:30 pm, and 10:00 pm.

2  Amusement Rides
These are most easily approachable from Gate no.3, just follow the loud shouts and cheers and you will soon be on a vast open ground with many rides such as the Giant Wheel (Hyderabad's answer to the London-Eye), Columbus, and Break Dance. This year, Octopus a new joyride ‘ranger’ has also been introduced that revolves 360 degrees in a clockwise direction.


3  Toys at a Bargain!
There are wide varieties of toys available at throw a away prices, but be warned that although these toys look snazzy and merit a lot of attention, they don’t last too long! ( Thanks China!). Buying these toys though, including spinning tops, lit headbands, keyed up toys, etc. is a wonderful experience in itself as generally you don’t find these kids of toys in any regular shops. It enhances the overall “desi mela” feeling.

4  Painting exhibitions
There are some amazingly talented artists who exhibit their works at the Numaish. This year, there is also a special painting on the theme Platinum Jubilee depicting important landmarks of the Exhibition Society that was unveiled by the Chief Minister on the inauguration.

5  Children’s Day
31st of January has been earmarked as Children’s Day in the Numaish Calendar. Although the schedule for the activities has not been released yet, many competitions for children such as drawing, painting, dancing, etc. usually take place on this day.

6  Shopping- Teaching kids how to bargain!
If your child is a little older, you can teach him or her the fine art of bargaining for products during this fair. As is the norm with any exhibition of this type, the “Fixed Rate Only” placards are just that, placards. Any self-respecting Hyderabadi will surely start the shopping with the line “ Dene Ka Daam Bolo”.

There are usually six steps involved in this process. Step 1:- Walk in looking supremely bored into any stall. Step 2:- In same bored voice, ask for the price of the item that has caught your fancy. Step 3:- Appear shocked at the price the shopkeeper quotes. Say “Dene Ka Daam Bolo”. Step 4:- Offer half of the asking price as an olive branch. Step5:- Walk out of the shop looking equally bored without a backward glance. Step 6:- Success! The shopkeeper approaches you and coaxes the half price money out of you.

Mission Accomplished!

7  Cultural Programs
Every day there is some cultural program at Numaish which can range from classical dances, to mushayras (poetry recital) to short plays to mime acts. You are in for a treat if you happen to catch any of these shows!

8  Laughing Club
This “club” is located just opposite the Amusement Rides, and basically consists of a large hall with different kinds of trick mirrors, that can alter your entire appearance and create a burst of levity if you are tired.

9  Maut Ka Kuan-The Death Well
Stuntmen perform breathtaking skills in the well of death at Numaish. This is one of the most entertaining and jaw dropping events here which is evident by the adrenaline rush that can be felt while watching the thrilling show in which a young man first zips past spectators on a Yamaha bik at a height of 24-feet, going round and round everyday for days together. Act two consists of five bikers and four Maruti 800 cars all on the well “walls” that are tilted at an angle of 85 degrees, engaging in daredevilry. The show starts every evening after 5.30 p.m. at the Numaish.


10  Sample all the amazing varieties of food
Numaish is not over until a visit to the food zone. The exhibition has always been a Food lovers delight, be it Pista House Haleem, Bade Miya Kabab, Gokul Chat or Agra Sweets. Apart from these, there are hundreds of juice stalls, ice cream stalls, frankies and normal street food all over the fair. The pink Cotton Candy will be of particular interest to all the kids, and maybe also some adults looking for a sneak peek into their childhood!


A three-hour-long movie with your favourite hero might disappoint you, but Numaish will not. There are joyrides, shopping, there's soaking in the local culture and, to top it off, you can spend quality time with your family. As you and your kids make your way out to the gates, laden with bursting bags, you'll feel drained but when somebody asks you how the exhibition was, you'll find yourself smiling broadly. Happy Numaish-ing !

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