Top 11 Parenting Articles of 2014
|   Jan 08, 2015
Top 11 Parenting Articles of 2014

What do 250 people who are doctors, teachers, homemakers, lawyers, journalists, chartered accountants, psychologists, corporate leaders, software engineers, journalists, educational consultants, life coaches etc. have in common? Two very important things - they are all parents and are all part of the vibrant blogging community at mycity4kids. Our bloggers create content that will take you through every aspect of that onerous job called parenting - through shared experiences, valuable insights, personal opinions, handy tips and of course, humorous anecdotes that make it all seem worthwhile.

As we usher in the New Year, we look at the blogs that have resonated most with our readers. Based on a combination of factors such as content quality, subject, views and reader involvement, our Editorial Team has compiled a list of the 11 most influential blogs of 2014, the most powerful, heartfelt writing that should go straight to the top of your reading list.


1. Raising Responsible Boys

Tanu Shree, a Lecturer of Psychology and a mother of two boys has an opinion on just about everything and her powerful blogs says it as it is! In this blog, Tanu Shree breaks down gender stereotypes that ‘lay foundation for a dark wall that defines gender boundaries’. As a parent, she takes the responsibility of minimizing sexism on herself simply because ‘I am a mother of two preteen boys and the horrid thought that some day they might mistreat a young girl, constantly hounds me.

2. I want my daughters to care about their looks! Here's why...

Parul, Editor, mycity4kids and mother of two girls finds herself reinventing her parenting style ever so often just to keep up with her daughters’ moods and moments. Here, Parul makes a clear distinction between vanity and self esteem, between creating your own personality and following popular stereotypes. ‘This is the time when they need to learn the difference between making the effort to appear presentable and wasting time trying to look like someone or the way someone wants them to look.’ 

3. Bringing up our sons to respect women 

In this hard hitting blog, Parul reacts to an incident of sexual assault and points out that ‘The world will not change for our daughters until we make a change in our sons.’ From wiping out gender stereotypes to demystifying sex, there is enough for each of us to do to make the change - “The anger and frustration comes right back – another place, another time but the same story! I realise that the effort has to be more broad based but I also know that I have to be the change I want to see.”

4. How Many Daughters Get To Witness The Birth Of Their Mother? 

Anika has many titles - Childbirth Educator, Women’s Health and Fertility Holistic Practitioner etc., but in this moving and inspirational post, she writes as a daughter who has succeeded in the impossible task of finding meaning in the face of adversity. “That I am lucky enough to be faced with challenges and ... be proud of what I have overcome. This is my Destiny. . . No. I was not meant for an ordinary or a normal life. . . . I came from extraordinary parents and I was meant for the extraordinary.”

5. Thank God My Husband Is A Very Hands On Dad! 

Falak plays many roles in life - a story-teller, a Communication Trainer, a Parenting Blogger and Mum to one son and likewise, so does her husband. But his active role in bringing up their son has the world going weak in the knees and in this blog, she questions why? “Daddies do become hands on, not because there is no option but because they love being hands on dads. . .”

6. The Importance Of Gratitude In Children  

Jyotsana, a Business Psychologist and mother of two finds that on her journey through parenthood, she has inadvertently become the student and her children, her teachers…of life. Jyotsana brings up the topic of gratitude in children and points out that it is never too early to imbibe this virtue. “Children who are learning to be grateful may peep outside their world every so often and may see that the wheels of their life are being turned very tenaciously by their caregivers...''.

7. 5 Ways You Can Teach Your Child The Art Of Happiness 

Karuna, a digital marketer by profession and a full-time mum, shares her secrets to happiness in this blog, that is undoubtedly a wonderful dedication to her father. “There will be moments of sadness, loneliness and grief. We can’t prevent those feelings or put a barriers on unpleasant situations but what we can do is help them (our children) find a way to personal happiness.” 

8. Is There A Bad Mother? 

Researcher by profession and mother of two, Sfurti writes about her struggles, wins, the awesome and awful moments that make her a parent. Her current grouse is about the self appointed parenting experts around her, who will not stop giving advice. “In my last 4.5 years of being a mother, I have been judged, criticized and applauded for same practice innumerable times. . . No mother is a bad mother . . . because she decides differently from you or she does things which are not accepted norms.”

9. The Perfect Family Syndrome 

Sheeba is a mother of two whose insights into the various facets of parenting will surely make you pause and think. She takes on the so called ‘perfect family’ in this blog - “... if I had two sons or two daughters. Would it have ruined my life in any way? Does having a son and a daughter make my life perfect or in any way better than others who have kids of the same sex?”

10. Focus On The Coffee And On Not The Cup  

Maansi is the Regional Director of Human Resources at Wipro Unza and LD Waxsons group of Companies and is certainly in the right position to debate Indira Nooyi’s statement that women cannot have it all. ‘I agree when Ms Nooyi says that the biological clock clashes with the career clock and both peak at nearly same time. But motherhood is not a cross to bear.’

11. What A Mother Wants, A Mother Gets!  

Afrida, a news presenter and mother of two is a great believer of a steady work life balance. In this post, Afrida talks about a phase almost every working mother goes through - taking break from her career for the sake of the family. ‘It was all the more disturbing for me to just uproot myself and shift base. But then I believed in the power of positivity.... I often look back and think how at one stage all this seemed impossible. But it was there somewhere in my imagination. Today it's my reality :)’We wish you a happy start to 2015 with some enjoyable reading and please do check out more blog posts by these bloggers as well as others on our blogging platform. You can also ‘Follow’ your favourite bloggers to stay updated with their latest blog posts. We would love to hear your views on each of these articles, so don't forget to leave a comment.

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