Top 7 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy
|   Jul 12, 2017
Top 7 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Most of the expectant mothers are so anxious about labour. Being a physiotherapist as I talk about exercising during pregnancy, many pregnant women raise an unanimous question, how to prepare for the big day. While there are multiple concerns revolving around this topic, I feel a list of tips can enable an expectant mother to set her own priorities as she puts in her efforts for the big day.

Preparing for the delivery has to be a holistic process, as just working on a single aspect such as exercise wouldn’t help. A mother has to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to bear and rear a baby. A study done by National Institutes of Health Study says that, first time moms, these days take around 2.6 hours longer to give birth than what they did 50 years ago.  Coping up with such humongous travail process, demands a lot of preparation. Let’s see a few things you can do to make your birthing experience easier.

1. Learn about the different stages of labour from a credible portal such as that explains the complete mechanism of labour in a phased out manner. This will give you an understanding of how the birthing process happens physiologically. This will also not leave you absolutely startled when the labour commences.

2.  from the 13th week of your pregnancy begin your yogic exercises that involves a lot of breathing techniques. This is help you calm down during your labour, gain a lot of focus and tremendous mind strength to tackle the pain. You can get a free prenatal yoga DVD by Lara Dutta by logging on to

3. Eat a good balanced diet that has sufficient portions of green leafy vegetables and proteins that will offer you enough energy, boost your immunity and maintain ideal weight of the baby and you. If possible get in touch with renowned certified dieticians like Dr. Dharini Krishnan, Shiny Chandran from Chennai or Geetha Shenoy from Mumbai or Dr. Shalini from New Delhi etc., who can customize an ideal diet plan for you, basis your nutritional need. You can watch this youtube video, where Dr. Dharani Krishnan explains the complete dietary requirements during pregnancy. 

4. If you have decided to preserve your baby’s stem cells do not wait till your due date, get it done well in advance. If you push the enrollment to the end, in the rush and stress of your labour, you might skip on this golden opportunity.

5. During the 8th month of your pregnancy, make a list of all the things you would need during your labour such as swaddle wrap, slippers, toiletries and start buying them. Make sure you make a separate list for mother and baby. As and then you buy it choose a delivery bag and put these essentials within by making a check in mark in the list created.

6. Sitz bath or a warm tub soak up is also something that you can engage in your third trimester, this will make your muscles relaxed  and help you in a easy labour. Try squatting or tailor stretch position under water as this position will equip you to open your pelvis  28% more during labour with minimal effort.    

7. Remove all negativity about normal and C-section delivery, as these thoughts can plug in a mental block during labor and cloud your subconscious mind. So, stay positive, listen to soothing relaxing music and choose your own support group that you are comfortable with.

Labour is the wonderful part of womanhood that can transform a soft fragile girl into a tough solid woman of substance. It’s your body, your baby and your labour everything you go through is subjective, so don’t buy all granny tales. Listening to your body gives you the best cues to prepare for labour. Try the above tips and this will enable you to cherish every moment of this experience to the fullest. Will come up with more exciting facts about pregnancy in the forthcoming articles.

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