Top Adventure Camps in and around Hyderabad
|   Apr 22, 2015
Top Adventure Camps in and around Hyderabad

The onset of the summer months in India herald with them multiple choices for summer camps that are organized for children to effectively utilize at least a part of the vacations to pick up new skills, make some new friends, and generally remain busy and occupied.

Most parents are plagued with the question- “How is my child benefitting from summer camp?” Truth being told, in the technology driven age, to avoid kids spending their holidays plonked in front of the television or laptop, encourage their participation in outdoor play activities and take this up a notch higher by packing them off to an adventure camp where extreme sports are the flavour du jour.

Even if your kids show some initial resistance, they will grow to love it as these camps will teach them the joys of discovering the outdoors, of being fit, and of adventure. They will get to experience trekking, ziplining, river-rafting and such fun activities. The good news for parents is that these activities also foster teamwork and cooperation; build coordination skills and promote fitness in our young.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the benefits of outbound and adventure camps and choose from the following camps being organized around Hyderabad to enrol your child:-

1)      GHAC Nature and Outdoor Summer Camp 2015

The Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) in association with Outlife Adventure Travel and JCI Club is organizing its annual summer camp that gives children the opportunity to connect with the natural world and learn all the outdoor skills they miss in their everyday routine.

The GHAC nature and outdoor summer camp is being organized in a serene location and the facilitators range from Adventurers, Naturalists, Army Officers, Outdoor Facilitators and Teachers, who will keep the young adventure enthusiasts busy in activities such as star gazing, treasure hunts, river rafting, sports climbing, rapelling, etc.

Duration: 5 days - Sat 25th Apr - Wed 29th Apr
Location: Divya Retreat, Keesara, 45 KMs from Hyderabad
Cost: 7,500/- per head
Age Group: 8 to 15 years (boys and girls) 

2)      Jungle Adventure Camps at Deccan Trails

Trails is a unique hill top leisure-pleasure-cum-education destination in close proximity to Hyderabad. This year, they have a series of fun filled camps during the summer break, with educational jungle treks, animal encounters, and age appropriate activities like science and craft projects, jungle stays, team based activities, etc.

Titled “Juniors Jungle Gig”, this program is sure to be exciting for kids as in this three day program, they will experience the joy of being one with nature and learning lessons on sustainability within our limited environmental constraints.

Duration: 3 days , throughout April to June, starting on the Wednesday of each week.
Location: Manneguda
Cost: 1,500/- per head per day (minimum three days compulsory)
Age Group: 6 to 15 years (boys and girls)
Contact Numbers: 09533578678 ( Mr.Surender Reddy),

3)      Rustic Life with Dirty Feet

Started by two IRMA graduates, Dirty Feet organizes camps frequently that are all about letting kids enjoy their childhood the way they deserve – to grow, to explore and learn, to be curious and amused, to indulge in mischief and have fun, to be free of restrictions and to dirty their feet, quite literally.

Some of the varied camps that are organized include trips to brick kilns to educate kids on how bricks are made as they knead mud, mould bricks, stack and dry them before setting up the kiln, visit to emu farms to play with birds, visiting local vineyards to feast on fresh grapes, etc.

Although there are no specific summer camps being organized by them, they will plan activities customized to your demands if there is a group of 10-12 kids involved. This is a fun way of personalizing the whole “camp” experience as your child gets to experience the fun with their best and closest friends to share the joy.

It can be planned as an interesting twist to a birthday treats as well, an outdoor full day fun package that includes special treats for all the kids.

Duration: 1 day
Cost: 1,00/- per head (minimum 12 kids guarantee required )
Age Group: 4 to 17 years (boys and girls)
Contact Numbers: 9346712805, 8501895411, 8978870120 ( Ms.Archana, Ms.Niveditha)

4)      Boot Camp-A Day in the life of a Soldier

With focus on the routines of work, rest and recreation, the boot camps organized by Outlife Adventure Travel describe the typical daily life experienced by soldiers and re-create the same occurrence for teenagers of 15 years of age and above for a period of two days.

The Instructors are Retired Veteran Army Officers and JCO’s from Army and the camp includes physical activities at multiple difficulty levels and team building activities that make everyone responsible for each other. Surprises are also sprung upon the “soldiers” with their marching orders coming in way ahead of times so that they have to be ready at a moment’s notice, exactly like how soldiers are trained to do so in the army.

Duration: 2 days
Location: Chintapally, Hyderabad
Cost: 1,800/- per head
Age Group: 15 years and above (boys and girls)
Contact Numbers: 040-68888087, 9603473470 (Mr.Diyanat Ali),

Adventure Camp allows kids to grow socially through parent-free interactions. This means that they are testing their social boundaries and figuring out what kind of person they are and want to be. Camps that teach kids how to cook for themselves and live in the outdoors are fostering self confidence, independence and giving people skills they can use for the rest of their lives! Here’s to all you Happy Campers! Happy Holidays and have fun!

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