Top Parenting Articles Of April 2015!
|   May 20, 2015
Top Parenting Articles Of April 2015!

Our bloggers seem to have spent the month of April mulling over some of the key questions facing parents, particularly mothers, today - to have a second child or not, to go back to work, stay at home, stay at home and work ... the dilemmas don’t end. Read our blogs of April for different experiences and perspectives on these questions and so much more.

Making it to our list of special mentions this month are blogs on a variety of topics. We’ll start with Jyotsana Dhillon’s ‘An Earth-Shattering Twist In Our Summer Saga’ - an account of a family holiday shaken up by the earthquake in Nepal and how a terrifying experience turned into one of family bonding. Roshni Baronia raises a much-hushed issue in ‘Addressing Suicidal Tendencies In Kids’ and encourages parents to be alert for warning signs. Sammy Sahni gears you up for the summer holidays with 5 Tips For Enjoying A 'Stress-Free' Vacation With Your Family! In ‘To School Or To ‘Unschool’? Disha Khanna urges parents to question the current systems of education and introspect before choosing a school for their child. You will identify with Shruthi Harikrishna’s personal experiences of parenting not quite going according to plan in ‘There’s Many A Slip Between The Cup And The Lip.’

And now for our 5 most favourite blogs of April 2015:


The Sibling Factor

Akshata goes back to her own childhood and the precious memories of time spent with her own brother - a strong enough bond that makes her rethink her seemingly well-justified decision of having just one child. “After all what's the fun in life without someone pulling your hair, calling you names and hugging you tightly as you go to bed...”


Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom!

Giving her side of the story is Aditi Dutta, who decided to give up her corporate career in favour of a parenting one. “Nothing seems to give me more joy than making my kids laugh, colouring with them, pasting stickers on the wall, pretend-playing and reading children’s stories with them. Sometimes I feel like I am re-living my childhood all over again. Now, can I really call that a job? When I am having so much fun and not getting paid for it?”


Surviving Post-Partum Depression - My Story!

Not many new mums talk about it, not many even know about it, but post partum depression is real. Rohini looks back at her lowest point, what got her there and what got her out of it. She also has some sound advice for others, “When I see moms with newborns the advice I give is please take as much help as you can get. Help from in-laws, help from your parents, a nanny, a cook, whatever you can afford for at least a year. And most important tell DH (Dear Husband) when you start to feel crazy in your head!”


A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Digital Parental Controls

We loved Anindita’s simple step by step approach to actually putting together digital parental controls - easy to comprehend even for the most tech-challenged among us. Before you start though, take heed of Anindita’s advice - “But there is one thing you MUST do first, and that is to inform your children what you are about to do and why. Supervising with their full knowledge is always advisable, otherwise children will think you don’t trust them and are spying on them. So, talk to them about the need for cyber safety, why you worry about meeting strangers online and how you would like to keep an eye on their digital life, just like you do offline.”

Autism And Us - How Inclusive Are We?

We may claim to be very aware of autism and other developmental disorders, we may talk about inclusive education, but in reality, how inclusive are we? “The stigma that comes with being “not normal” has certainly abated, but there is lots that still can and needs to be done”, mentions Dr. Kamna Chhibber in her blog post. She also lists 5 simple yet big steps that we can put into practice to enhance the quality of life of a child who has a special need. Have you checked out our Top Parenting Articles from previous months.

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