Top Parenting Articles Of February2016!
|   Mar 04, 2016
Top Parenting Articles Of February2016!

Childbirth is transformational and if you are not already a parent, you only have to read the many stories by new mothers to understand how. Every experience is different and has only resulted in the birth of a strong, confident mother along with her baby. 

Our special mentions for the month start with Anshu Bhojnagarwala’sMy New Year Resolution I Promise To Do Right By You, My Child!!’ – about respecting her child’s talent and interests when it comes to choosing a career - resolution that we hope will last a lifetime. A big thank you to Shipra Trivedi for reminding us about the super achiever women scientists in India in ‘Let's Celebrate National Science Day With Admiring Indian Women Scientists’. Harini Joseph salutes her most valuable teacher as she goes over the most critical life lessons in ‘You Are A Great Teacher And I Am Calling You Mean!’ The grass is always greener on the other side, as Swati Verma finds out soon enough. Read about her tryst with parenting alone briefly in ‘A Salute To All The Single Parents’. Theoretically, we all know that parents make the best role models for children but sometimes a real life experience shows us how that actually happens – ‘Parenting By Example!’ by Anupama Dalmia

And here are our top picks – our favourite blogs of February 2016.

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Sudeshna Nag’sThe Empty Chalice’ brings up the trauma of age-old social interpretations of a woman’s worth by her childbearing ability. “… my existence as a human being, my excellence, my talents were of little or no importance till the time I brought a life to this earth….. You may be setting your foot on the moon but still it means nothing cause your womb is still empty. You are yet to prove that you are a woman.”

It is the heart that binds a mother to a child as so beautifully described by Karuna Kochar in ‘Daughter By Law’. “I haven’t had the honor of carrying her in my womb for 9 months, but she can recognise my voice from miles away. … She didn’t live close to my heart inside my body but today she falls asleep listening to the sound of my heart, to her my heart beat is the lullaby. …… She doesn’t share our blood group but she still calls me Mama and her dad Papa, like she will for the rest of our lives.”

Shweta goes over the trauma of loss in ‘An Unfinished Story Of A Mother & Her 600 Gms Baby!’ “It was three days already and I had still not taken her in my arms. I didn’t know how her soft hands and feet felt. I could only see her but do nothing….. Looking at her I felt she wanted to come to me. I felt she wanted me to take her home. Oh how helpless I felt!”

Nirupama Pande lauds the efforts of grandparents actively involved in raising their grandkids in ‘Does Your Child Stay With Grandma When You Are At Work?’ But what of those parents who will not allow their seniors their own judgement? “The very fact that they defy physical pain and the pleasure of an easy routine to do things that can be daunting at their age speaks volumes of their love and responsibility. Questioning their motive or level of responsibility whether it is to do with safety, nutrition or good habits of a child is definitely uncalled for.” 

Here’s a familiar story related with a dash of humour. ‘My Mamma Is At Home’- The Audacious Journey Of A Mother From Office To Home’ according to Avani,  “was like migrating to a Mac from a Windows PC. It took some learning and lots of unlearning. All controls were upside down, and I missed the backspace key once in a while, but yeah, life is now smoother, good-looking and more productive.”


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