Top Parenting Articles Of May 2015!
|   Jun 03, 2015
Top Parenting Articles Of May 2015!

The month of May had a single word description - Mother. The response to our #EveryDayIsMothersDay was astounding and we were swept away by the emotions and memories that flowed on our pages even days after the contest had closed. No surprise that our Top Blogs for May all revolve around Mothers and all the different perspectives and sentiments prove just the point we wanted to make - Every Day is Mother’s Day.We had so many favourites, it became difficult to choose. Bhawna Saini was one of them with her heartfelt letter to her daughter in ‘Ma Have You Got The H1N1? Maybe, And So I Might Die Today.’ Pallavi Sharma sparked off some very interesting reactions from both men and women as she laid her case for gender parity in ‘I Don't Need A Special Treatment.’ Anupama Jain reminded us of how clinging on to happiness is the best life affirming gift we can give to our children in ‘Every Day is Mother’s Day.’ Rohini George looked with wonder at ‘The New Generation - Things we never said to our parents.’

But after many delightful reads and re-reads, we did manage to get out a list of our five most favourite blogs of May 2015.

Charu made ‘An Open Apology To Every Mother Before Me and spoke out loud what each one of us has  felt silently  because we have all been judgemental about other mothers and their children. That is, before we  experienced  motherhood ourselves.“I had an opinion, on everything you had given your blood and body for The way your kid spoke or did not The way she ate or did not                                            The way she behaved or did not”

As we followed Anubhooti on her mother’s journey from no wheels to four wheels, we were full of admiration for her  mother and understood exactly why Anubhooti would say, Thanks For My Name And Everything Else,  Mummy!  “Having always witnessed her in a commanding position and independent in every way, I am not ready to accept her  limitations....She is my Supermom, she has to be invincible, I say to myself.”

Tanu Shree with her usual eloquence puts Mother’s Day firmly in perspective in ‘Of Mothers and their days’. She points  out how her reality of motherhood is very different from what the ads and pictures in social media portray. ‘We are just  us.... Thing is, we already are special. We just know it. More than making each other feel special on different days that occur only  once a year, we stay mindful of each other....”

Her role as a mother is certainly no less than an Oscar winning performance, reflects Shruthi, as she takes us on a  hilarious rundown of the characters she connects with so deeply. In All The World’s A Stage, And All The Moms, Merely  Actors, Shruthi states,"I have magical powers of deduction – I can sense when my daughter’s feeling down, when she’s  particularly proud of something she’s done, or when she just wants to be left alone. I drag her along to places of worship, to  concerts, to games, to the theatre – all in the hope of giving her a diverse set of experiences.”

It is one thing to tell your daughter what to do and quite another to equip her with everything she would need mentally  and physically to deal with a situation - that is the legacy of empowerment Parul talks about in How my mother  empowered me For My First Period . . . And Other Stuff!’ “. . . When it was my turn to pass on the wisdom to my own  daughter, I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel or flounder about the net wondering how to broach the subject. I simply duplicated  my mother’s modus operandi entirely - down to the very terminology she used. That’s another young one empowered thanks to  you, Ma.”

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