Top Parenting Articles Of May 2016!
|   Jun 09, 2016
Top Parenting Articles Of May 2016!

This month seemed to be all about recognition and internalizing. Our bloggers paid tribute to their mothers and realized a lot about themselves as mothers as well. Husbands and dads also got their fair share of credit this month and as a refreshing change we also had blogs celebrating mothers in law. There was recognition also of the fact that ultimately our children are people in their own respect and we cannot tie them to ourselves forever. Some more internalizing encouraged us to support and celebrate our fellow moms. All in all, a wonderful thought provoking month of reads. 

Take a look at our top picks for May 2016. 

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Mom-Shaming Can We Stop It, Please? - By Veena Gandhi                                                                                                                                          

How judgemental are we? Very, though sometimes we may not even know we are doing it. In this blog, Veena goes through the common aspects of motherhood that are open to criticism from others and closes with a hopeful note –“Mums, there are plenty of ways in which we keep shaming each other. Verbally, non-verbally, online-offline. It’s time we supported each other, complimented each other more, smiled at each other more.”

Dear Son, I Don't Want You To Be My Budhape Ki Lathi- By Gita Negi                                                                                                                                                         

Gita brings up an issue that every parent should think about – why do we expect our children to be obliged to take care of us? “In my mental list of promises, one thing which stands prominently … is that I shall never ever expect my son to pay me off for the sacrifices and compromises I make for him now, when he grows up. He is not my insurance policy or a retirement plan. He is a person with a mind and heart of his own. He owes me nothing. Not even for giving him birth.” 

ThereAre Only Two Type Of Women-Goddesses And Doormats-Pablo Picasso- By Neha Singh                                                                                                   

Things may have changed from olden times when the daughter in law was much abused verbally and several times physically too, by other women in the household but the tendency to bring each other down still exists. “In times when we're fighting for equal rights and responsibilities it's a shame that we take joy and pride in bringing each other down. let's aim to be Goddesses and help other Goddesses in making and let's not stop until we completely erase the latter and there are only Goddesses remaining in the world.” 

When Wife Becomes A Mother And Husband Doesn't Become A Father- By Janhavi Ukhalkar                                                                                                     

Janhavi recognizes the dilemma of a new Dad – almost always forgotten and misunderstood in the chaos of new motherhood. “Now that I had a little time to look back I could analyze and put everything in perspective. It also made me realize certain basic differences between the man and a woman which makes them behave how they behave. I felt, if I had known this before; a lot of pain could have been avoided and the initial period of motherhood would have been enjoyable rather than full of worry.”

From Sweethearts To Parents- By Atheetha RS                                                                                                                                                                                                               

There’s probably nothing better than growing up together and evolving with your sweetheart, as Atheetha points out in her blog. It really is the cycle of life – from sweethearts to parents and back to sweethearts again. “If ten years back, we were blindly in love with each other and weaving our dream life together, now, we are living the life we dreamt together as sweethearts woven together by bill payments, school fees, grocery shopping, raising a baby bear and other realities, yet filled with abundant love and respect that comes with years of understanding and sailing storms together. And there is nothing sweeter and content than this. Nothing!”

Our special mentions start with an insightful post by Dr. Rachna Singh on “Stress In Non-Working Mothers And Its Impact On Mother-Child Relationship.’ In a very popular post, Mrs Wife raises a question that so many women must have asked out aloud, or quietly to themselves in ‘Where Exactly Is My Home? - An Open Letter To In-Laws’. We had another wonderful post on the topic of letting children be by Swetha GullapalliIf U Really Love Them, Let Them GoKalpana Mannivannan may have you questioning her wisdom by the title of her blog “Lazy Parents Make Happy Kids And Happy Families” but she does have a good point to make. 


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