Top Parenting Articles Of November 2015!
|   Dec 09, 2015
Top Parenting Articles Of November 2015!

We are told repeatedly that parenting is all about setting an example and our top bloggers this month are certainly to be feted for the strong, inspirational models they make. From death, divorce and abortions to questioning stereotypes and letting children be, they have found a way forward and have shared it with us through their wonderful words.

We must make a special mention of some of our bloggers here: Shubhra Rastogi, who wants to give her daughter a break from expectations in “Mom Do I Have To Be Well Behaved All The Time”; Shipra Trivedi, who expresses her anguish while defending parental choice in “God Please Forgive Me..A Letter To God”; Parul Mehta, who is still dealing with the death of her father and its impact on her child in “Parenting Experience I Wish No One Has...”; Tanu Shree Singh, who questions the pressure parents place on marks at the cost of simple joys of childhood in ‘Why So Serious? They Are Just Marks!’ and Brinda Rana, who realises that her child’s impatience is sometimes the result of her own, in “IMPATIENT Or I M PATIENT- Does It Really Matter?

And now, our  top favorites for the month of November, 2015.

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Three Months Ago, I Got Divorced

Anika Parashar Puri

It is said that hard times separate the ordinary from the extraordinary and you have to read this post to know what we mean. Instead of quoting from Anika’s post, this time we have chosen to quote from the comments which sums up perfectly why this blog has made it to the top of our list…and our hearts. “Anika, I could see everything running right in front of my eyes... I don't know you, I haven't seen you yet somehow I could manage to see the emotions and expressions.... a write up not by a woman who is looking for help but by a strong woman who is extending a helping hand to many by this inspirational article....more power to you,” writes Swati and we couldn’t agree more.


Things I Will Never Teach My Sons 

Sfurti Sinha

Most of the social issues we face today are a result of stereotypes and though it is not obvious, as many stereotypes exist for men as they do for women. That is exactly what Sfurti brings up in this blog - “Why is the need to talk about efficiency related to gender? Why can’t we simply say to our children, “You are as good as anyone else”? When we infuse gender in our discussion we automatically give it importance. Gender is not important.”


War Of The Toddlers 

Krishna Kamath

If you have ever been quizzed about the ‘accomplishments’ of your toddler by self satisfied parents of an ‘overachiever’, you will relate with Krishna’s blog perfectly. “Why are we trying to wage a war among toddlers and being forceful with them? Why create peer pressure on fellow parents who in turn use it on their kids.”


It's Okay To Be Different!

Nivedita Phadke

Nivedita questions the need people have for slotting children according to their own perceptions and expecting them to be a certain way. “My daughter is comfortable in her own skin, doing what she wants, being what she wants to be. Sometimes, we adults complicate things, which are really simple. We want our children to be a certain way, to go with the flow. But it’s okay to swim against the tide. “


Why Is Adoption Not An Option? 

Aastha Banga-Khandpur

Some wise person said that ‘Parenthood requires love not DNA’. Yet we find that medically assisted reproduction, however difficult, is on the rise while the idea of adoption is not the first to cross the minds of those desperate to start a family. Aastha questions, “… is adoption really that taboo that we would rather force ourselves into such physical and mental torture; drain all our health and finances, just to make sure that the baby has our genes? Is making a baby who didn’t come into this world because of us, our own, that difficult?”


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