Top Parenting Articles of October 2016!
|   Nov 09, 2016
Top Parenting Articles of October 2016!

We had a mixed bag of posts in the month of October so much happening through the month - our #Having A Baby Changes Everything contest that got huge participation and of course the festive season. There were other topical posts that discussed some disturbing incidents that related to children, such as the sexual assault on a young child in a premier Gurgaon school and the 13-year-old girl who died after a 68 day fast in the name of religion.Winners to the contest have been awarded separately

Winners to the contest have been awarded separately and therefore, for the month of October 2016, we are declaring only three winners for top blogs of the month.


A Working Mother No One Talks About by Brinda Rana

In the midst of debates and intense discussions about working mothers, stay at home ones, work from home ones etc., Brinda has brought our focus to the one type of mother who makes all this possible for most of us – our house help. “She is always on time, pulls a 7 day work week, hardly takes time off for the fear of losing her wages and seldom gets performance appraisal.” Brinda gives us all something to think about as she tells herself “to stop cribbing and to stop over analyzing my motherhood status.”


My Lunch Box By Allam Bhavana

What does it take to appreciate the small, unnoticed pleasures of life? For Bhavana, it took having to hurriedly rustle up an uninspiring lunch box for herself to value her mother’s cooking and nagging affection. “If I ever have to question myself as to why I gave up on all that and went and got married, the answer would always be right beside me, my six foot hero lounging on the sofa, watching television, and cooking up things inside his head to keep me happy and take care of me.”


It’s a girl by Karuna Kochar

Her daughter may as well have been born a supercomputer, muses Karuna, going by the toddler years’ performance being plotted on a graph of expected milestones defined by unknown ‘experts’. “She’s not a performance chart or an entertainer, nor is she participating in a competition to excellency… she’s not training for the army yet nor is she training to be on a space ship. If she ever is it will be her choice not the result of me computerising her pattern of breathing, sleeping, eating and playing.”


There were so many other posts that caught our attention and deserve a special mention here. ‘Aradhana – A wake up call for all parents’ by Horizon J, where the writer questions the religious tradition that took a child’s life and the parent’s stance on it. Manabi Bacher talks about ‘The grey shade’ of negativity in our society – restrictions and boundaries that gradually kill a woman’s soul. In ‘Are women their own worst enemies– YES’, Richa Saxena sends out a message to all women, asking for appreciation and support for each other.


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