Top Travel Gear to have sorted before any trip with tips on where to shop for it all
|   Sep 12, 2014
Top Travel Gear to have sorted before any trip with tips on where to shop for it all

Get your travel gear sorted

This year has so many long weekends! Our seven year old has had three four day weekends in the last two months. I am not complaining. Our travel bags are always ready to head out on long drives. You are probably also getting set to travel somewhere soon as in addition to the public holidays there are regular festival holidays coming up. Here’s a list of travel gear that will help you plan.


The size and type of bags that you end up carrying are invariably determined by mode of transport, duration of stay, and often by what is actually available at home. Some families prefer haversacks while others may opt to go with a completely coordinated multiple size, texture and material suitcase sets. The choices are vast and mindboggling as you can find everything from tote bags and cabin roll aboards to small knapsacks, large haversacks, expandable suitcases, metallic suitcases, shoulder carry duffel bags, light weight heavy duty suitcases and lots more. However when it comes to buying the little traveller his or her own travel luggage that’s when the choices get even more exciting. You can find stroller bags with action figures printed on them, branded knapsacks with multiple pockets and the latest trend namely the Trunki. This award winning ride on hand luggage suitcase for kids was featured on an international TV show for kids after which it became really popular. You can buy the Trunki online and to see what is available check out: or any other online store.


While most large children’s goods stores will stock a range of suitcase options for kids, you could also head to the factory outlet stores located at Lal Baug. That’s where you are likely to get the best deals. Else head to Crawford market and browse through the large collection there. Of course all the online stores also have a pretty large selection so browse through those as well.

If you want to get travel bag labels created there are a few interesting options to consider such as Cupik Design and Smile Label.


For haversacks you can check out AVI industries at Matunga that stock a wide range of bags both imported as well as made by them. This company also explains how to best pack your backpack.

Warm wear

Unless you are headed to a destination in the Southern Hemisphere, you are for the next few months going to be looking for some basic to heavy duty warm wear. In our city, warm wear especially inners and gloves can be a little difficult to source for kids. Here are a few resources that will certainly be useful for warm wear whether you are going to hill station near Mumbai or the Swiss Alps in December.

1. Check out some of the woollen wear at
2. Prrems which also has a store at Nav Meghdoot Building, 535 Linking Road, opposite Regal Shoes, Next to McDonalds, Khar.
                                              3. Al Burhan Collections, 96, Bazar Road, Bandra

Car seat

The range of infant car seats varies in terms of quality, features and price. I would recommend the combination type as it is sturdy and used rear facing till the baby can hold his/her head unassisted and then can be adjusted to face forward. This type is used for up to 4 years or 19 kilos.

All large baby and kid’s stores have a good range such as Baby Bell Shop Number 1, Vile Parle Shopping Centre, above Sahakari Bhandar, Juhu Scheme, Vaikunthal Mehta Road, Vile Parle (W), Juhu; Mothercare stores; and online too.

Booster seat

If your child has outgrown the car seat but could do with a little height so that he can look out of the window and also stay strapped in securely, then consider the booster seats. Ideally look for something like this one: that is not too heavy duty.

Potty seat or portable potty

Depending on what stage of potty training your child is at you can look at the options available online or within most stores for potty seats or even a portable potty. The plastic potty seat with handles can be placed over the regular seat and comes with comfortable cushioned padding and options of different images and colours. This one-size-fits-all seat is super to use on the go as well, as it does not take up much space.

If you want something even more useful for those times when a regular potty or toilet is not available then consider the portable potty that comes with foldable legs that can be propped up on any hard surface. You do need to attach a trash or poop bag to the seat and the contraption comes with fasteners for the bag too.  These are just some of the options: Flipkart and Firstcry.

Audio splitter

If you have two kids and both don’t have their own personal gaming or other devices; one neat, handy gadget is an audio splitter. Basically if you have one gadget off which two kids need to watch a program without the entire travelling party needing to have a background score, then a splitter will allow for two headsets to be used at the same time. Your regular electronics store should keep these but if they don’t, try online click here

Rain wear

If you don’t buy rain wear in this season, it may get really difficult to find interesting options later in the year. So for a complete list of resources on rain wear, click here.

General travel gear

While out on holiday depending on where you are headed your list of things to pack may include:

  • Hat or caps
  • Torch
  • Water proof watch
  • Sunglasses (perhaps even specific to certain sports such as skiing)
  • Camouflage tee-shirt
  • Sporting equipment
  • Swimwear
  • Toiletry pouch
  • Neck pillow
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tent
  • Eyeshades and ear plugs
  • Body pouch

For all these head over to the Decathlon store in Thane or browse online here. You could also check at Wildcraft.

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