Tour de Chennai! Great Places to Bike With Your Child
|   Feb 23, 2016
Tour de Chennai! Great Places to Bike With Your Child

Gone are the days when children could hop on a bike and pedal around for hours. Traffic and safety has curtailed this sport to the bylanes of our colonies. But all is not lost! Here is a list of places in and around Chennai where your child can safely enjoy the magic of biking.

Elliots Beach – Besant Nagar 

Initiative – Car- free Sundays (6:00 am to 9:00 am)

Car-Free Sundays, began under the Namma Chennai Namakke (“our Chennai for us only”) initiative. With no worries about zipping cars, you can peacefully have even your toddler biking around! Just pack your cycle in to the car and head to Elliot’s beach at 6:00 am. You can enjoy 3 hours of peaceful biking in a car free zone. They also have cycles for rent.Apart from biking, the NCN volunteers there also organize activities like, acting, badminton, gymnastics, craftwork and more. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning with the family!  

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Source: Car –free Sundays, Namma Chennai Namakke

Arignar Anna Zoological Park ( Vandaloor zoo)

Days: All days expect Tuesday

Available Cycles for rent: (with a refundable deposit – Rs.200)

Deluxe, Adult, Child and Tandem–Price ranging from Rs. 12- Rs.35

Did you know that apart from being one of the most famous tourists spots in Chennai, this Zoo is also the largest vehicle-free zone for kids to cycle around in Chennai. It is spread across 1490 hectares and you are allowed to rent cycles to go around the zoo. This is a double shot for kids – a visit to the zoo and a day of cycling fun. The icing on the cake is you get to rent tandem cycles – a cycle that two kids can ride which is a rarity in Chennai. It is on high demand so reach on time if you want to hire a tandem.

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Mycity4kids Tips:

• Carry water bottles, caps, sun screen

• Avoid festive holidays – the place gets too crowded and cycling around might not be as fun

• Check the brakes and condition of cycles before your kids start pedaling. They are more than happy to change the cycle if you ask them to.

Marina beach - Service road 

Days: all days, weekends preferable

Time: 5:00 am to 8:00 am If you live in and around Pattinapakkam, MRC nagar, Santhome high road, Mylapore – this is the best place to take your kids biking. The service road of Marina beach is wide, maintained well and safe as not many vehicles are seen early in the morning. You could take your kids there for a lovely sunrise during the weekend.Pack some sandwiches and go biking. Accompany them to the beach and have a nice stroll in the sands while the kids go around and get some fresh air.

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ECR road Days: Weekends

Timing: 6:00 am to 9:00 am

ECR road has always attracted cycle enthusiasts and the Chennai –Puducherry stretch is one of the easiest cycling routes suggested for professional and amateur cyclists alike. Cycling enthusiasts from all over Chennai gather at this stretch to pedal their hearts out. For kids, you could pick a small stretch of the road –anywhere starting from Tiruvanmiyur signal till the ECR road,to get your kid cycle around during weekends preferably early in the morning as the roads are empty. Also “The Chennai Trekking Club” organizes events often on this stretch for enthusiastic cyclists of all ages – you could get in touch with them ( if you want a group of kids to cycle around and they would be more than happy to guide and help. 

Did you know? – India’s first cycling Café is in Chennai

If you are a cycling enthusiast and you are looking at ways to encourage your kid to go biking more often, take her to Ciclo café in Kotturpuram. It is India’s first cycling café and Cycle parts have been used to beautifully decorate the legs of the tables, seats, lights and a clock too. This place offers cycles for hire and for sale. They also have a service station where you could get your machine overhauled. It sounds fun right? Take your kids out for a sporty dine-in and inspire them to go biking!

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