Towards Arangetram! Best Places To Learn Bharatanatyam In Kolkata
|   May 26, 2016
Towards Arangetram! Best Places To Learn Bharatanatyam In Kolkata

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.” – William Stafford

All children love to dance, at least they do until they become conscious of how they look and what others think. It is up to us parents to keep encouraging them to dance with abandon. Dance is a great way to help them express themselves, instils great discipline, and is very beneficial mentally and physically.  You can channelize your child’s energy and interest by learning specific dance forms. One such dance form is ‘Bharatanatyam.’ It is an Indian Classical dance form that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu. It is practised by male and female dancers all over the world. When looking for an institute/ teacher for your little one you want someone who will be patient, loving, firm and guide your child. Here is the list of the best Bharatnatyam classes in Kolkata.


This is one of the most prestigious institutes in the city to learn the dance form. Established by Guru Govindan Kutty and Guru Smt Thankamani Kutty in 1968 the institute has been showcasing Indian dance and culture for close to 60 years now. There are 7 centres across the city where one (above the age of 6) can learn and do a 7-year certificate course in Bharatanatyam. 

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Bharata Natya Kalalaya

Bharata Natya Kalalaya was set up by Guru Smt Rajalakshmi Venkateshwar in Kolkata to promote Bharatanatyam in its purest form amongst its citizens. She has been spreading the dance form for over 65yrs now and a lot of her disciples are now teaching the dance form themselves in Kolkata and across other cities in India. She accepts students who are 6yrs or older. If the students are very talented and proficient she is also willing to take private classes for them.

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South Kolkata Nrityangan

This institute teaches Bharatanatyam and gives its students a proper platform for their future. It was established in 2005 by Jhinook Mukherjee Sinha who received her guidance under Guru Smt Thankamani Kutti. It has students from the age group of 4 years to much older women. 

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Kalasangam Nrityashetra

Tania Dewanji has been a pupil of Guru Smt Thankamani Kutti and has been with her dance troupe for over 30yrs. Kalasangam Nrityashetra is her brainchild, where she imparts training in Bharatanatyam in its most traditional forms. She as the mentor ensures children practise meticulously to hone their inherent talent and achieve perfection.

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Indrani Dutta Kala Niketan

This is a dance institute imparting training in Bharatanatyam since 2003. It has students from the age of 4yrs who are trained and guided under proficient teachers of the institute. The institute is affiliated to the Prayag Sangeet Samity and students are guided to take these examinations. Students proficient in the dance form also have the opportunity to work with Indrani Dutta in her dance troupe.

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There are numerous other institutes that impart training in Bharatanatyam like Banichakra, Saurabh, Geetobitan, etc. Take your pick based on the age criteria and location and see your child dance with joy.

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