UK-based Indian Boy Outsmarts Einstein and Hawking in Mensa IQ Test
|   Jul 05, 2017
UK-based Indian Boy Outsmarts Einstein and Hawking in Mensa IQ Test

Arnav Sharma, an Indian-origin boy from the UK has become the smartest of the lot, leaving behind the legendary minds Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. And, he is only 11 years old!

This wonder boy has notched up the top possible score 162 in Mensa, the largest and most elite IQ test clubs in the world. This score is two points above what Einstein and Hawking had clocked. The benchmark score is 140. Mensa is considered the most difficult IQ test. It measures the verbal reasoning ability of a person and is open to only those people whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population. With his genius score, Arnav now features in the top 1%.

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You would think that Arnav must have pulled his days and night together to pass the 2.5 hour long test, but in reality, he didn’t prepare much. In fact, he hadn’t even known what the test paper looked like. Neither did he get jittery before the exam. Indeed, a born genius with super confidence!

Arnav has proven his brilliance since his early childhood. His mother says, “He was counting up to more than 100. That was when I stopped teaching him because I came to know that there is no end to his numbers.”

The young mastermind is also multi-talented. He loves singing, dancing, coding, reading, swimming, badminton and piano. He can even rattle off the capital cities of all countries effortlessly. Eton College and Westminster School, two of the most esteemed schools in the UK, have extended an invitation for admission to Arnav.

Arnav’s journey to the stars has just begun. The future is looking up to him and we wish him all the luck!

By the way, did you know that prior to Arnav, many other Indian-origin school kids have also shined in the Mensa test? They are Rajagauri Pawar (May 2017), Dhruv Talati (2016), Kashmea Wahi (2016), Anushka Binoy (2015) and Lydia Sebastian (2015).

We are so proud of all these young minds.

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