Understanding Depression
|   Aug 02, 2017
Understanding Depression

In his mann ki baat program in April, PM Modi, expressed his worry about 'Depression' as a growing mental illness in the country.

As per recent survey by National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, 1 in every 20 people in India suffer from Depression.Survey further says that common mental disorders including depression, anxiety and substance abuse are affecting 10% of the population. Certainly it is a huge burden on the society because it is not only 10% people suffer from depression but 10% families also suffer from the ill effects of their loved ones being in Depression!

A person suffering with depression is in perpetual state of being 'Unhappy' and 'Dissatisfied'! He or she feels a continuous sense of being at 'Loss' and 'demotivated'. They suffer with feeling of worthlessness, helplessness and sadness. They tend to get attracted towards negative side of each situation and feel hopeless about being unable to change it. The anxiety becomes fear. Fear gives birth to insecurities. Insecurities lead to loss of confidence in one's ability to handle the situation. Which is ultimately expressed in the form of either trying to escape from the situation or being overtly angry or feeling completely hopeless!

Depression is not specific to any age group or gender. Kids, adults and elderly all are susceptible to it equally. Though women are more prone to it (particularly home makers and new mothers), men are no less a victim ( reasons could be job loss, lack of satisfaction in work, inability to cope up with society's measure of success).

In acute cases people can live in this state for months and years affecting their productivity and hindering their growth as a person and of course as a responsible citizen of the country. Continuous stress of being in this state ultimately affects their health and giving in to physical ailments like BP, cardiovascular diseases. In extreme cases people become suicidal!

WHO says India is the most depressed country! The question is why a country which is world's spiritual guru...is unable to take care of its own people's mental health? Are we as a society responsible for it or it is a situation specific to some individuals only? But when 1 in every 20 is suffering from it, I feel, we as a society certainly have failed to create a atmosphere where our countrymen should be feeling happy rather they are feeling suppressed, demotivated and worthless.

Depression has lot to do with appreciating Self-Worth! Do we as a society disrespect our people in general because somewhere our system tells us measure someone's worth with his/her bank balance and position that person holds? Do we as a society demotivate our people from taking plunge into career and lifestyle of their choice for the many taboos like 'log kya kahenge'? Many startup owners say they were demotivated most by their family members! Do we as a society impeding path of our kids by forcing them into an education system that kills individuality and when they are unable to perform well, it kills their self-worth! 

First we are killing individuality of people and then we disrespect them for their inability to perform or the choices they make and ultimately we leave them to keep feeling at loss and frustrated...When we are killing potential of so many people...how are we expecting them to innovate and contribute to the nation?

In my opinion we as a society should own our responsibility and bring the change. Who knows our few words of encouragement, support and motivation can change someone's life!

As PM Modi rightly said...Depression should be dealt through 'Expression' and not 'Suppression'!

By Believing in the potential of our countrymen...we are Believing in India!

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