Weaning Your Baby to Solids
|   Nov 11, 2016
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Weaning is an incredibly exciting time for a baby's development as they try out new tastes and textures for the first time. Looking astonished, appalled and delighted all at once, babies push food around their mouth, push it out by mistake, push away the spoon and sometimes grab for more. One of the most important things to remember is that there is no gold standard “right way” of starting baby on solid foods. Dietician and Nutrition Counselor Tina Sapra; RD, MPH, CLE (USA) American Dietetic Association and Former Senior Nutritionist, Fortis; shares some interesting ideas and tips on ’Weaning Your Baby to Solids' in this episode of MOMSPRESSO.

The introduction of solid food to an infant’s diet should take place at about 6 months of age. The recommendations for the age of weaning are the same for both breastfed and formula fed infants. The exact timing to begin the process should be driven by the unique need of the individual infant.


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