‘What the App!’
|   Sep 15, 2015
‘What the App!’

‘What the App!’


There’s an app for almost everything now. Some like our mycity4kids.com Family Organizer App are amazing, useful and make you wonder how you managed before without them. Some on the other extreme however, range from ridiculous to downright bizarre. Here’s a list of some of the most absurd apps I’ve come across. 

Hold On

All you have to do is hold the button. Yup, a timer tracks your progress and stores your personal all time record. The latest version allows you to compete over Bluetooth to see how long you can hold the button. The makers say this app helps, ‘Develop your perseverance and improve concentration skills to make you more productive!’ Yeah right. We call it velagiri here.


The app has been around for seven years and is amazingly popular even today. International celebrities have used it or discussed it too. It’s the # 1 Fart Machine featuring 30 fart sounds. So you have named sounds like ‘Brown Mosquito’ and ‘Burrito Maximo’. This app also features settings like fart trigger after a set period of time, play sound when the mobile is moved and social farts created for social networks. Ok enough said. Just don’t let your kid read about this one.

Poop Log

This Android only free app uses the Bristol Stool Scale to help you track your bowel movements. You can record the type of stool, volume and time. Then it allows you to attach a note, a photo and share any part of your entry with other installed applications. While this app sounds gross, it was created by a geek who was out of work for 7 odd months due to severe bowel problems. So you see the app maker was actually doing us all a favour. There are more apps like this one too – Poop Diary, Bowel Mover Pro, Places I’ve Pooped, and Poop MD (that can be used to track the colour of your baby’s poo) to name a few.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

If your child accidently downloads this crazy app, then more fool you for keeping your payment details accessible. This Android app costs Rs. 10,000/- and for that you get an add free app that sounds the horn when you shake your phone and stops when you shake it again. It also lets you hear the announcer scream in jubilation when you touch and hold the screen.

Screen Cleaner Penny / Annie

This app is bizarre but super cute. You get your own personal dog to lick your screen clean (from the inside). There are eight dogs on different apps that can be installed to do your screen cleaning. 


Pimple Popper

Keep this app away from teenagers. Or maybe let them have it. It’s a popular pimple popping app that offers you whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and crusty scabs to squeeze and pop. Yuck? But wait. This nasty app has been a # 1 hit in over 80 countries!

Pregnant Mommy apps 

There are plenty of apps targeted at little girls featuring visibly pregnant characters who need help of some sort. Help with cleaning, household chores and laundry are the main ones while there also are apps to give pregnant mom a makeover and even hand hold a celebrity pregnant mom. These are some of the apps – Pregnant Mommy Clean Room, Pregnant Mommy Makeover, My Mommy Newborn Baby Care Laundry, and Celebrity Mommy’s Newborn Baby Doctor – my new pregnancy salon care game for kids (boys & girls).

Birth Buddy

So ladies who have had babies, while you were desperately trying to birth your child, did you forget to use the Birth Buddy app? How could you not use your phone to track how far apart your contractions were?! This app actually tells you how close you are to giving birth. This paid app even sends out emails to update you, your care provider and your family members.

Baby Names

Nametrix offers an app that will tell you how popular a name is via a 100 year popularity graph, which profession the name is most likely to be associated with, variations, meanings, pronunciations, and also whether it is a stripper name or not. You can share app info on social media. 


Cry Translator

Where was this app eight years ago! It is an award winning program that actually helps you figure out what your baby needs. The app analyzes and diagnoses baby’s cry and offers solutions in under10 seconds. The Cry Translator suggestions are said to be 96% effective but they do add that it is a helpful tool and not a medical device.

Hello Cow

This paid app features a picture of a sad but beautiful cow that says, “Moo” when you touch her. The app creators say it’s the ideal tool to entertain toddlers with.

Bubble Wrap

I love bursting the bubbles on bubble wrap. But would I download an app that lets me virtually burst bubbles?! Oh yes, there’s an app for that too. Positioned as the ultimate stress reliever, this app allows you to pop bubbles in different ways. You can slide your finger for mass popping or just go for single pops. It even has a competitive streak that lets you play time based bubble bursting games.


This app lets the user send another user of the app the word ‘Yo’. That’s it.



This app offers you the option of typical busy people at work table sounds like mouse click, keyboard tapping, pencil sharpener, stapling, and crumpling paper. It even has white noise to help the user sleep while the rest of the world thinks he or she is busy toiling away and an alarm setting. Attach this to better speakers in a cubicle for amplified effect. 

The Most Useless App Ever

It exists! There’s an app created just to show users how useless an app can be. What does it do? Nothing! But it exists and folks use it.


So which of these will you be downloading now? LOL! Have a fun day!

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