#WomanInMe -Women’s Day Blogger Contest
|   Feb 25, 2016
#WomanInMe -Women’s Day Blogger Contest

We have an astounding response of 228 wonderful entries. Click here to read those incredibly powerful stories #WomanInme

We are glad to announce the result of the Women's Day Contest. Here are the  Winners:

Saryu Dash - Yes! I Am FAT And It Doesn't Matter If I Look A Little More

Ganesh Vancheeswaran - Dear Young Mom, Are You Actually A Barren Woman?

Janhavi Ukhalkar -  #WomanInMe Does Her Puja Even During Her Menstruation And Does not Wrap Her Pads In Black

You have all won Experience activities vouchers worth Rs. 5000 each

Kaatayani N - The Woman In Me SPEAKS To The Husband In You 

Shivani Shourie - My Secret Relationship....Unveiled!

Shreya M - What's Wrong If I Am Still Carrying My #MaidenName??

You have all won Experience activities vouchers worth Rs. 2000 each

Congratulations to the Winners!!

All the participants will be receiving Frogo Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 200/- each too.

The #WomanInMe gives impetus to the dreams that drive me.The contest is closed now. Thank you so much for your participation. 

The #WomanInMe talks about my accomplishments as a mum, daughter, wife, sister and completes me.

The #WomanInMe does not compromise whereas the mum in me would.

The #WomanInMe makes time for herself.

The #WomanInMe wants my daughter to not think her brother is better than her just because he is a boy.

The #WomanInMe fights for the rights of my help because she is a woman like me.

The #WomanInMe sometimes doesn’t want to share her chocolate and wants to indulge in some 'me' time.

The #WomanInMe knows she is the boss of the family, but the wife in me lets my husband think he is.


How to participate:

1. Publish your blog post at mycity4kids.com. If you don’t have a blog as yet, get started here - Set Up Your Blog.

2. Post a comment on any three articles of the bloggers who you’d like to see participating in this contest with a line ‘I’d love to read your post on #WomanInMe’ with a link to the contest page.

3. Ensure that you add these tags while posting your article – WomensDay and Contest.

4. Participation dates – 25th Feb – 15th March.

5. We will continue to promote all the contest entries and page views will be taken into account till 22nd March.

6. The results will be announced on the 31st of March.

7. We take this opportunity to launch our Picture Blog too. Check out a new way to create articles in the tab 'Add a Picture Blog'.

8.  Multiple entries are allowed.

9. Every article is an individual entry and will not be combined for the contest.

10. Your article must be a minimum of 400 words.

11. Strict action will be taken against plagiarism. Blog entries with content copied from any source online or in print, will be barred from the contest.

12. Participants can share their entries on their social media pages along with the chosen hash tags and tag @mycity4kids to increase their page views. Get started now as the number of page views gets your blog post noticed by our editorial team.

13. Only those blog posts published at mycity4kids.com between the 25th of Feb and 15th of March, 2016 will be applicable for the contest.

14. Refrain from increasing the number of page views by clicking on the link from the same laptop or computer. This may result in the cancellation of your participation.

15. Please do not re-publish your previous posts to become a part of the contest. We are looking for fresh stories in each and every blog posts.

If you have not already done so, create your blog here. Share memories/anecdotes/tales through pictures and content and WIN PRIZES.

THE WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN BY THE EDITORIAL TEAM (there could be multiple winners)

Here’s the best part – The Prizes

- 3 Experience activities worth Rs. 5000 each

- 3 Experience activities worth Rs. 2000 each

- Every valid entry gets a participation voucher worth Rs. 200 each;

You get to choose your own experience at Frogo - Discover and Book Amazing Activities. 

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For any query, write to us at pratiksha.minglani@mycity4kids.com or shavet.jain@mycity4kids.com

Happy Writing! 

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