Your Blog Post Could Be TRENDING This Week!
|   Jul 19, 2016
Your Blog Post Could Be TRENDING This Week!

With the all new layout of mycity4kids, TRENDING articles get featured right on the main page. If you want to capture your readers with a great blog post and feature amongst the TRENDING blogs, you have to go further than the essentials.

  • A completed profile: Present yourself in the best way possible! See how visible your profile picture is on the new site now – for our 4 million users monthly AND the brands eagerly waiting to engage with you. Also, make sure your profile at myity4kids is updated – Your Name, Profile Picture, Kids’ details and Contact Details.
  • Hook them with an awesome Title: Admittedly, this is the hardest part of writing a blog post. Sensationalize the title and have clear, descriptive titles. These work better than abstract or ‘cute’ titles.
  • Add visual interest: Include an image with the post to make it more engaging or entertaining. They are of utmost importance on the new site.

Feel free to use these rules depending on what’s appropriate for your article. What matters is consistently writing posts that are engaging, attractive and unique enough to keep your readers coming back for more.

Happy writing!!

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