|   Apr 27, 2016

The feelings and new experiences a new mother undergoes after her child birth are enormous and unique. But with the law of nature we learn the art of being a mother right from the time of inception of our little one.

The birth of our child brings home bounteous blessings, gifts and mostly importantly ADVICE from our family, relatives, friends and all our surroundings. Advices pour in from all direction on how to bring up our child. Well, it’s fine to listen to them but to implement them should be purely decided by the parents.

Amidst the challenging postpartum recovery phase, few questions and advices can provoke the temper and anger hormones of a mother to the highest level. In no particular order, few of them which can annoy new moms are;

Give Milk, Give Milk, Give Milk”

Baby is crying — “give milk” , baby is making noise — “give milk” , baby is too active- “give milk”, baby is too tired — “give milk” , baby is silent — “give milk”. The most frequently heard words by new moms “give milk”. Is there by any chance mothers are insusceptible to their baby needs. Who better than the mother knows when to feed the baby?? The bonding and connection between baby and the mother starts right from the moment the baby is formed in the womb. Infact the mothers can easily anticipate their babies wants and demands even before it could reach their babies brain. No mother would want their child to be hungry or in discomfort.

Why is baby crying?”, “Why is baby crying?”, “Why is baby crying?”

Simple and straight — babies cry because they don’t know any other form of communication. Babies can cry for many reason like feeling hungry, sleepy, stomach pain, rashes, body pain, to grab attention and million other reasons. Now for a question like “why is the baby crying?” how can a mother give an answer? If she knew it all she wouldn’t let the baby cry. So if at all no one knows why the baby is crying , it’s best to leave the baby to the mother. Her cuddles and touch can do magical wonders. Posing such ambiguous questions every time the baby cries is only going to create stress and tension for the mommy. Interestingly, crying is actually good for your baby. It helps to improve their communication skills and psychological well being, helps in breathing and opens up the lungs, stretches muscles and also helps to shed excess emotions as well. So mommies, you have an answer now!

You have put on weight! You are so fat !Lose weight !”

After all the hard work of carrying a baby for 9 months and after the unimaginable painful labour phase, the least thing that new moms must be bothered about is to lose weight. We have given birth to a new life. Of course we will gain few pounds here and there. It is essential to understand that the body has gone through an enormous transformation right from pregnancy to postnatal period. New moms are not competing for any size zero beauty contest at least for few months or even years. There is no reason for the mothers to worry about their size. After all, mothers are the most beautiful creation of God. Gradually our body will fall back to our original shape on following healthy eating habits. It’s just a matter of time.

Don’t take pictures of your baby ,don’t put pictures on Facebook, don’t share pictures on whatsapp”

We want to capture all those precious movements of our tiny creation. This moment will not come back but those clicked and framed photographs will come a long way in our life. We are in the era of social media. It’s become a part of our daily communication.It’s completely one’s own choice to be active on such platforms. Sometimes our hands do get itchy to share some exclusive shots on social media whilst some pictures will remain secretive, private and unshared. Parents should completely be in control of what to do with the photos and videos of their little darlings. Unwanted suggestions and instructions from others can cause fury and displeasure to our passionate mommies.

When we are bombarded with questions and unasked advices, the best thing we can to do is to take in the necessary ones and bypass the rest. It is real hard work to bring up our babies but we should learn to enjoy and embrace motherhood. Nothing should stop us from giving the best to our children. Remember to just SMILE, and be proud of our greatest achievement — we are beautiful and wonderful mothers to our lovely babies.

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