Lucky me!
|   May 23, 2017
Lucky me!

There are days in your life when everything seems all dull and the other days when black and white seems interesting too. "It's all in your head Preet!" Says Amrinder trying to put her brain to rest.  

Starting from the cautious​ time period of pregnancy, everyone would keep a check on how you walk, avoiding crowded places, unhygienic roadside food, and everything that has been a part of your life since ever. Then comes the post maternity break which probably looks like a cake walk to many. But to me it seemed as if the journey began after the little one came out in the light.

With this new being in the house, everyone had advice​s to give, be it out of the age old experience or the Google SME. The newest member got a new name from each one ready to shed all the love on her. In the middle of all the chores, the one who kept yearning for all the attention was the new mommy. She was greeted, congratulated, looked upon with sympathy and then it was done. Amongst all the celebration, she didnt get to taste the most amazing aate ka halwa that she believed, was because of her hard work too. Those nine months she was desperately waiting for her to be out, and did everything to keep her safe inside. Some sacrifices, some alterations and some promises which made her feel responsible, made her feel like a 'mommy'. And now, when the previous phase had come to an end, another one started, this time, she didn't have the right to choose it too.

The reminiscence of those nine months frequently consisted of these conversations!

"Preet, no ketchup yaar, it's not good for the baby. Alright, I am not having it too." 

"Reached office? Great! Don't forget your medicines."

"That place would be too crowded for you, let's go for a movie instead."

"You can just taste one Manchuria ball. That's too because you love it. Agenomoto is not good for the baby's brain."

In the midst of all advises and 'take good care of yourself messages on WhatsApp, there was someone taking it all up, Amrinder. He would make sure that I, AKA Preet was taking good care of herself, eating right, getting everything that she needed and accompanied to the doctor for her regular check up. Even during his work hours, he would take out time to call up and ask if everything was fine. The fights now happened because of the missed medicines, improper meal timings and yes, Chinese!!

Everyone had​ their life in place, but Preet was all depressed about missing out on what she loved the most: Chinese food. That is me, Preeti Singh, for whom first and the last option would be from a Chinese menu. With all the love my husband has for me, he made sure I did not do anything that might harm the baby and myself. I was always told "it's not just about the baby, but both of you now." Everything he said was logical but Preet would find it hard to explain how she missed those dance floors, those trips that could not be planned​ in the first trimester and driving which was not allowed during the last trimester. Does it seem to the world like it's inbuilt inside? Is it easy to give up on your normal schedule and limit yourself to that boundary?

Since my schedule had no less hours of work than any man, it was difficult to transition myself from that corporate meetings to house chores. Envying those who could party and enjoy clubbing, while telling​ me to keep away from the same. I missed it bad, so bad that the thought of that invaluable being inside me took the back seat. He was beside me whenever I needed him, my doctor visits, my medicines, my low times. Yes lucky me! But did anyone try and make up for what I missed? For what made me feel sad even though I was in the middle of the most amazing phase of my life? Was I wrong when I expected to be treated special! Coz hello..the one whom everyone is blessing to have a bright future ahead, I have given a piece of my present and I deserve to be told that!

Dear world, a women is not programmed to sit at home and give up on every normal thing that you do. Then what's wrong about feeling the need to go out and get back to work once becoming a mommy!! We are lucky coz we have been blessed with motherhood..let's not ruin it..

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