10 must haves in a hospital bag.
|   Dec 21, 2016
10 must haves in a hospital bag.

Getting to know that soon a new member will join you is the best feeling in the world.But with it comes a lot of responsibility.A lot of us have read and heard this from our friends and family yet tend to forget stuff.It is generally adviced that as soon as you enter the 9th month of pregnancy your bag should be packed for you do not know when you might need it.Also packing before hand allows you to put stuff according to your convenience.Anyday better than somebody else doing it for you.

So here are the 10 must have things that you should definitely have in your hospital bags.

1.Clothes for baby and you

Though it is a compulsion to wear the hospital gowns for sometime but what better to comfort ourselves with our own clothes.Carry ample clothes depending what kind of delivery you have had.Also for the baby carry a lot of clothes,in this case more is less and i stand by this because i have been through the same.

2.Baby products

Most of the hospitals do provide baby care products for the baby's first bath however you should carry your own if you prefer a specific brand.

3.Extra absorbent pads/diapers

You might need these immediately after delivery.So better to carry extra ones.

4.Nursing gown

As i said your own clothes make you feel half better already.So this would be very helpful for you as you got to feed the baby quite often in the initial days.


Due to continous medicines given and also because your body is quite weak after the delivery, you tend to feel cold at times.Socks would really help at that time.

6.Medical records

Do not by any chance forget to bring your ultrasounds and entire pregnancy checkup prescriptions.You never know when the doctor asks for them.

7.Hair ties

Yes.You heard that correct.We often tend to forget it being such a small petty thing but it is one of the most impotant things.You just want to tie up yor hair in a bun after delivery.so carry extras as they get lost very easily.


Carry your own soap,shampoo,face wash and body lotion.Hospitals mostly do not provide these.


Comfort first.Do carry your most favourite pair of slippers.

10.Home going outfits for you and baby

Finally you want to look the best when you go home with your little bundle of joy.

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