Healthy is no more synonymous with bland
|   Jun 28, 2017
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Healthy is no more synonymous with bland

As a mom, one is always worried about the food our children are having these days. Lives have become so packed that there is hardly any time left. From school to tuition classes to hobby classes and so on, the list is ideally never ending. Children now days are actually busier than us. In such a case, as a mom you are always under this pressure of feeding something that is healthy and tasty in one go.

Children these days have their own routine but moms have a habit of running after them ensuring that they are eating healthy. In such cases children often get irritated and it stresses the relation between the members of the family. No one is to be blamed here. Inspite of whatever routine or lifestyle, a healthy eating habit is definitely a must.

It is exactly at this point when the hero -“Tropicana essentials” steps in. Children as I said above are always in search of on the go food like a sandwich or other junk foods. Yes, as abrupt as it may sound, but a lot of on the go options are literally junk food. On the go food doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be junk. It can be healthy too. And when I say healthy here, let me assure you it can be tasty too. Healthy food/drinks don’t always have to be bland and flavourless. The Tropicana essentials are an expert blend that is made from blending the right kind & quantity of delicious yet nutritious fruits & veggies, then fortified with vital nutrients and crafted carefully to provide Essential Nutrition, for a range of health benefits.

The two new variants introduced are Tropicana Essentials fruits & veggies and Tropicana Essentials Iron. My favourite has to be the fruits & veggies.

This range of products has been specially formulated keeping the hectic lifestyle of young person to give them targeted nutrition. Lack of nutrition definitely lowers down the body, making us feel weak. There are days when you feel low on energy and probably like the laziest person on this earth. That is mostly because of the deficiency of certain nutrients and vitamins in the body. Tropicana is known to us from quiet some time but it is their new essentials range specially the fruits and veggies one that drew my attention to them. A glass of it is packed with juice of 2 combined serves of fruit and veggies. Usually these needs are not met in our daily lives but now it is easier with these new launched range. It is a great Source of Vitamin A and C which is again very important for the body. It makes up for 15% RDA and also helps overcome “feeling low” as deficiency of F&V may make a person feel low. There is absolutely no added sugar or colour, and hence it can be given to kids. The juice is completely safe as it comes in a tetra pak which ensures freshness and safety at the same time. It is an easy & convenient way to get goodness of fruits and veggies on the go. It gives the essential nutrients which may get missed in today’s rushed lifestyle.

I'm really thankful to mycity4 kids and also Tropicana for organizing this wonderful meet. We got a chance to ask questions and clear our doubts. The session was made even more informative with experts on the panel who taught us all so much. After the meet I definitely stood with the point that even in this busy scheduled life, we as moms can be assured that there is something on the go and something healthy that our children will surely love

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