Her first day of school,a new chapter in our lives
|   Apr 23, 2017
Her first day of school,a new chapter in our lives

The beginning of this month,the 6th of april to be precise embarked a new journey for my little girl.Her first day of school,AN ocean of emotions ran high on my mind and in my heart.Obviously a whole lot for me than for her.On that beautiful day as i prepared for her first day at school,i packed her bag,laid down her clothes for the day,packed her lunch i just could not help myself but imagine how quickly the past years have gone by.I was all wrapped up in nostalgia.It just seemed like yesterday when i held this little baby in my arms for the first time.Also it makes me smile a little more when i think of the time when she would get scared even if i was not near her for a moment.And now the same little girl was to join the bandwagon with others where she did not know a familiar person around her.

Her little hands in mine,we left home for school,feeling excited and apprehensive at the same time.All of a sudden in a choking moment i just wanted to run back in time.Coming back to reality i accompanied my sweet little girl to her class .There were small tables and chairs all bright coloured placed in her class .Inspite of seeing all the colours in the class,the games,the toys,her lipos were tight and her shoulders stiff.She blankly stared at everything.

My heart tore between wanting to take her back and wanting her to face the new world by herself.We eventually had to someday and that day was today.

Teary eyed,a little,i kissed her and forced myself out of her class promising her to be back soon.I was supposed to wait for an hour downstairs at the reception.The moment i reached downstairs i started missing her terribly.It was like i dint know what to do with my time anymore.I tried doing something on my phone but my mind was just literally stuck on her.I took a few deep calming breaths and told my self that the people with whom i've entrusted my child are well qualified and responsible enough to take care of her and that soon my little girl would love her school so much that she wouldn't want to miss a single day.I understood that soon it would become a routine for both us us that we would enjoy.

I'm not the only mother who was going through these sentiments.Every mother went through this.

So for now i just try and make myself understand that change is the only thing that is constant and these mixed emotions are just a passing storm.I just hope and pray that these coming years would also fetch beautiful memories just as the bygone ones have

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