Mama's Boy
|   May 29, 2017
Mama's Boy's true that are boys are Mama's Boy and they remain so even after their marriage. When one day I saw Leena crying bitterly in front of me and on asking she said "Yaar , I don't understand, how much I do and whatever I do, my husband never appreciates me. Morning 5 am to night 11 pm I am on my toes, doing all the household as well as outside work . Still he neither has time to ask me about my health nor has time to sit with me and have a cup of tea with me. And this all has started since his mother has started living with us. He just doesn't come near me when she is around. He sits with her and chats. I feel so hurt yaar. Why can't I be included in the topic?? I am just with my daughter. And believe me, my 11 years old daughter sees and feels all my pains. She says..Mama I shall be with you always the way Papa is with her mother. I shall never leave you alone. Am I not a human being with a heart? And if he loves his mother so much then why did he at all get married to me? If I revert to her mother, he shall start abusing me. If I am late in making chappatis just by 5 min also, he shall start saying that I do not take care of her mother. But believe me, when he is out on official tour , I keep asking about her health every alternate day. If required take her to the doctor also. Whatever his mother says is correct and if I say the same thing he shall just neglect as if I am talking something rubbish. The house seems to be a war field now a days."

And there are so many Leenas around. I keep listening to their stories. If the "Male Fraternity" is Mama's Boy then the "Females" are also their Papa's Princess. If they want to be with their Mom, then even we want to be our parents. If they have been taken care by their Moms very well; then so have we been. If their Moms have made sacrifices for them: then our Moms have also done that. In fact they are so lucky that they can at least take care of their parents as they are living with them and they have their wives as a helping hand, but instead of saying thanks to her, they just merely take her for granted. If they cannot see her mother's pain: how can they see her wives pain?? If they have got a wonderful upbringing; then we have also got a wonderful upbringing. Then why this discrimination?? If the husbands love so much their mothers; then at the first instant why on the earth do they get married?? They can happily with their mother and keep a full time maid for the household chores. Rather than insulting and making her cry all the time, let every one be happy. But all the selfish mothers know that once they are gone out of this world, then who shall be taking care of their sons.....

Come on people..your mother and wife are both females. Instead of torturing your wives, you should support and make sure that she does not go thru all those pains that your mother has underwent....

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