You, me aur tum
|   Jan 04, 2017
You, me aur tum

It's 15 min to midnight, & I'm lying awake in bed waiting for the New year. I reminisce the evolution of the New Year Party for me. In our childhood, New Years was the day after Diwali! As the TV engulfed our living rooms & lives, New Years became associated with multiple dance & entertainment programs. Then we started having fun filled get togethers with dancing ourselves. But ever since I lost my husband, it's been very different. Not that I don't smile any more. I have accepted his absence - in fact it's become a part of my life. The dull ache that is persistent. But special occasions & celebrations are toughest to get by without him.I look at the clock again. Still 10 min to go. Sometimes I wonder if TIME is vindictive. It crawls when you observe it & rushes when you want it to go slow. I could go to sleep but I want to appear to be having fun when my son calls to wish me. My son. Also my daughter in laws husband. His boss' right hand. The Go-to- person for his friends. He has many roles to play. I'm happy that he takes out time to speak to me.


I'm having so much fun. Have come out with my friends after ages. And I know the LBD (little black dress duh!) is making me look sexy. My husband couldn't take his eyes off me! Our male friends are stealing admiring glances at me & the women are looking wistfully. I know this may be the last fun New Year's Eve before we settle down. Yes! We have finally agreed that 2017 will see a new addition in the family. So it's drink till I drop today! But where is my husband. Is that him sneaking to the quiet place? Doesn't he want to be the first one to wish me? I want to be the first one to wish him definitely. Let me creep up & surprise me.


Well this was expensive - but worth it. Have already met half a dozen people I know. And most importantly I met my ex- boss. He has asked me for my resume too. Maybe he has a good role. What a way to start the year. This year I'm going to get a bigger car. Oh man! It's almost 12. Where is my wifey? Anyway now that I'm away from the music, might as well call up mom before I go back to the din.


All 3 people tied together through relationships but so easy for the fabric to tear. Any assumption - presumptions about each other may be unfounded. But then again don't they say trust is the bedrock of a superb relationship?

Coming back to the story. Would the wife be angry with the husband or would the 3 of them celebrate together - even if on the phone. Would the wife feel like an outsider or would the mother feel like one? Can there be a situation where the mom in law & daughter in law come together & treat the husband as the Out law?!!? :)

What do you think...

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