Maayke se..
|   May 31, 2016
Maayke se..

One fine day of summers, I am chitchatting with my mother-in-law and suddenly the door bell rings. My mother in law opens the door & it's a courier delivery boy. She receives the parcel and brings inside. I check it and to my surprise, its a parcel full of summer delicacies from my homeland (which is in Konkan region of Maharashtra). A box full of Cashews, Mango Barfi, Jackfruit Bar & seeing it, my happiness has no bounds !! A month ago, it was Mango Parcel time and now, all these delicacies. :) 

It's a regular ritual of my parents to send me seasonal delicacies without fail as I stay far away from them (2200 kms) and I don't get those things here in Delhi/ NCR. No matter how expensive the courier charges are or no matter how hard it is for them to pack it carefully and just hope that the parcel reaches properly to me, they send it to me. Actually, it's not about the courier charges or the delicacies the parcel contains but it's all about the love, care and affection they have for their daughter, son-in-law & our family which is very touching. In my parents case, it gives them immense pleasure to send seasonal delicacies to relatives since long. I remember in my childhood, my dad & mom would make it a point to send the summer fruits like Mango, Cashews, Jackfruit, etc to relatives either by courier or some or the other way. 

People may find it kind of show off, but I feel that they taught me the art of sharing things with others through this. They taught me to value relations through this. It was not the case that my relatives couldn't find these things where they stayed or they couldn't afford it but I can totally sense the pleasure they must be getting after receiving the parcel. It's a form of love that we are sending through these things. Because, we should let the other person know that we love & care for them and we value them for being in our life. I have learnt this over the years from my parents and try to implement it too. When I hear my parents or relatives back with excitement & happiness, it gives so much satisfaction & contentment & I really love that feeling. 

Thank you so much mom-dad for teaching me good values through simple actions. I absolutely treasure them. 

That's it for now and me back to eating mango barfi & cashews :D

Keep smiling !!


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