The First Day
|   Mar 03, 2017
The First Day

So everyone is happy in the family . People calling us and congratulating parents and the grandparents of the baby .  Likes on Facebook starts floating at light speed as soon as the update on FB is done . And it was : BOY ;) .

We came home from the hospital with mother holding the baby and we all are very careful while holding and passing on the baby to each other . In car while driving back to home from hospital, I am driving quite carefully like, I have never used the brake so softly just to be sure that there is as less friction so baby doesn't get up from sleep and mother is not feeling uncomfortable . At every moment she is careful if its too cold or hot in car and telling me to change car temperature accordingly.

At home, we are happy that baby slept in car and is still sleeping so we start eating lunch and discuss things related to baby like, he must be tired and sleepy so he is sleeping , he will feel change in environment etc.  While we thought we will sleep now just after finishing lunch, the baby starts crying . Within 15 seconds everyone in the family is in the room looking out to baby and trying to guess the reason on why is he crying .

So mother starts feeding the little one so he sleeps again . The evening passed and we feel little relaxed . The baby wakes up and we start talking and playing with him.

Its 9 pm now and time to sleep as both of us were very tired. The little one slept after mother's feed and we slept too.

Its 10.30 PM : He wakes, cries and sleeps again after mother's feed.

12.30 PM :   He wakes, cries and sleeps again after mother's feed.

In between, I wake up to drink some water , while both mother and baby have just slept again . I have rarely in my life woke up to drink water in middle of the night and this was like first time as far as I can think . So as a start gulping water and while looking out of window of our ground floor apartment , the wind is blowing and tree just outside our house in making that noise zzzzssshhhhhhhh . I get worried that this noise might wake up the baby so I close the glass portion of the window to make that noise negligible for the baby's ears. Never ever in my life have a I ever thought about that noise that tree makes . Like Never Ever .

3 am : wakes again, cries and sleeps again after mother's feed

4am..............and again

5.30 am........and again

7.30 am ....................and again

All this while, I open my eyes , while lying down on bed, see the mother caring for the baby . I try and provide her whatever she wants like asking, whether you want water or some occasion just to be little more caring I asked if she wants a juice . She gave me that look and said nothing & I got he point.  There is little I could do because what baby wants at this stage is mother's feed. I did try couple of times to hold baby in hand and make him sleep but it didn't work out , eventually he goes to mother and gets what he wants . Every baby has a different story, I might not be that efficient to make the baby sleep .

Meanwhile, I have beginning to realize that I have to become more careful and responsible . This will eventually happen when you think beyond a point like caring for the noise of that tree .

Atlast at 9 am, I woke up while both are sleeping . I stepped out and as I hold the Tea and Newspaper , there is a loud noise of baby crying again. I ran to the room and its the same story . I handover water bottle to her asked if she wants anything else and she very kindly said, Thank you, nothing else.

By the time I came out the Tea was already cold and I didn't feel like having it now.

While reading newspaper, I see this advertisement of discount on baby clothes and I immediately told this to mother who was not very excited to listen to this .

The next thing she told me is that it would have been ok if I didn't ask for juice at 4 am . And I was like, Yeah ! and we both smiled .

Mother was drowsy and so was I .  And I thought people were right when they said, Get ready for the sleepless nights .

I became sure that Life is about to change now or has changed already.

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