A wave of change in the field of Learning - Are you a part of it ?
|   Dec 26, 2016
A wave of change in the field of Learning - Are you a part of it ?

Few days back my cousin shared a video with me which was on "How to make a paper Christmas tree”. Since it is Christmas season the video obviously attracted my attention. It was an amazing capture which easily taught to make a Christmas tree for kids. I realized in a short while it was my own sister who captured it and shared for moms like me .She has been so good at it for years but probably brought her passion to life recently or rather we were able to see this passion live due to the extended availability of media. Her art actually brought back my childhood memories as a sister who was always calm and composed but an amazing artist. As time passed by we stepped into our new lives from charming adorable girls to doting mothers leading our responsibilities passionately sidelining our own personal infatuation. With a simple videotape presented online I could feel the presence of this talented women who happened to be my own cousin. I demonstrated it to my son “That’s your Mausi’s voice” I recited with pride.

The moral of the story is: Online Learning has actually brought people closer to each other. It has given platform and audience to numerous talented individuals who in spite of their talent could not find options to present their art now have spectators beyond national boundaries.

Also anybody or everybody who has passion to learn has an option to become skilled at any form of art sitting at the comforts of their own house just few clicks away. It is just unimaginable how technology has actually made the world smaller. Online learning has broken all the bounds and is not only limited to traditional school college classes but today is utilized for anything right from learning traditional arts like music , Dance  , painting , calligraphy  , cooking or to something as specialized as Sand art or Ice carving. People like me could never ever think to learn them in their wildest dreams.

Just imagine gurus like Madhuri Dixit , Pandit  Jasraj and numerous superb Bollywood choreographers are few clicks away.  A common man could never imagine of getting trained and certified by such individuals .Now art forms available in any part of the world are at your door step in the expediency of your own home. Online knowledge sharing made it possible  for parents like me to get access to something as small as making a “Paper Popper” to something as big as an children’s “Science electric circuit”.

Yes it might miss the grace of face to face learning or special bond which is between a teacher and a student or bond between the class mates but technology has extended so fast that the fine online interface created by websites even bridges this fissure easily giving an amazing experience to teachers and its national and international students who can interact with each other during or after the class.

Why online learning is breaking all stereotypes and it works for parents like me:

Convenience and Availability: It gives an access to parents to engage their kids into arts and learning under the comfort of their own home while taking care of other household activities. Also it makes rare art forms accessible for us which may or may not be available in our own city or country

Life is easy : Online learning makes life easy for parents of specially able children( I do not like to call them disabled) who may want to make their kids learn various activities but were not  able to send them due to lack of facilities at the live learning centers. It is big breather for such parents for whom life and learning was so limited.

Traffic saver: Yes it’s a big issue for me, in some cases I do prefer face to face learning but going into that crazy traffic after office hours to drop and pick up the kid or myself is so much unpleasant. It definitely wastes so much of our productive time exposing us to unprecedented pollution and unwanted travel which could certainly be avoided by choosing an option of online learning.

Access to rare International or National arts beyond traditional studies: You reside in US and still want your kid to learn Indian classical music; yes its possible today thanks to the technology of online knowledge sharing moreover vice versa is also possible, sitting in India learning an international art form which was certainly difficult earlier.

Safety First: Above all , with all the chaos and dangers on the roads and safety issues for women , men and children- parents do not have to worry about the well-being of their loved ones. Online learning gives access to everything in the safe environment of your home.

Platform for everyone: Online knowledge sharing opens a platform for anybody who possesses an art but wasn’t aware till today how to spread it across .It  has generated so much of employment giving  a chance to anyone from home makers  to professionals catering a much widespread audience which were certainly out of reach for them till now. 

Like every industry there can be pros and cons which people or parents can find in this means of learning. It may have its own set of issues and loopholes which many of us may find  but  it certainly brings in a fresh wave of stress free widespread learning which a pupil and the parent might get under the convenience of their own homes. Let’s be a part of the change, accept transformation and enjoy the pragmatism of new Learning environment!!

Happy Parenting...

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