Easiest गुळ पोळी ( गुड कि रोटी ) Ever - Working Mom's Quick recipe
|   Jan 16, 2017
Easiest गुळ पोळी ( गुड कि रोटी ) Ever - Working Mom's Quick recipe

गुळ पोळी ( गुड कि रोटी ) and Makar sankranti goes hand in hand . As a child I do not remember even a single Makar Sankrati without this yummy sweet Maharashtrian delicacy. Being a working mom its tough to spend hours preparing for such delicacies but I make sure the flavors still remain alive and my kids and family gets to enjoy them.

Below is my quick recipe for yummy and healthy गुळ पोळी ( गुड कि रोटी ) .

1. Take Gud (Jaggery) and grate it . Grated jaggery is available in stores buy them as it saves the maximum time. Remember no lumps should be there or else you will not be able to roll a flat roti.

2. Take Sesame seeds (Til) . Gud and sesame seeds should be in  1:1 proportion. If 1 cup of jaggery then 1 cup of sesame seeds should be used. Dry roast the seeds on medium flame till they start popping in the pan.

3. Grind roasted  Til mix it with jaggery evenly

4. Mix wheat Aata , Maida (2:1) proportion ,2 spoons of besan and make soft dough .

5. Make round balls of dough and fill Til Gud  and roll them in flat roti not too thick.

6. On a nonstick pan roast the roti's with little ghee till they turn golden brown .

7. Serve little cold ( Gud gets very hot do not serve hot)with melted ghee on top.


Happy Uttrayan - Happy Makar Sankranti !

Shruti Edlabadkar Sandhe

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