No Diaper Bag -As If I Walked For A Movie…
|   May 12, 2017
No Diaper Bag -As If I Walked For  A Movie…

Each and every day I get inspired from hundreds of  working and non working women I see around myself , right from my own mother to my neighbor each one of us have a unique  and inspirational story to narrate. Let’s face it!! Job of a mother is not easy and we are bound to make mistakes!

Two days after my son was born we went for the first doctor checkup , my elder son was an adorable kid and like every mother I was in love with him from his first sight. We went to the doctor who informed he was absolutely healthy with a little high jaundice which was normal .Till this point  he was absolutely silent looking at both of us and the doctor with no questions in his eyes. It had been 1 hour since we came from home and it was time to take him back. We sat in the car when my husband said happily “All was good” it was the month of May and I drank some water and it just struck me does he too feel hungry? Do I need to check his diaper? Where do I change his diaper? oops… We just walked with him  with no diaper bag no accessories carried as if we walked for  a movie…I felt pathetic how could I forget  what a bad mother I was, with a  guilt in my heart and sadness on my face I came back home . He was a good boy still was all dry in his diapers. It was the day I realized “The bundle of joy – my adorable love ” comes with a lifelong responsibility. Did I commit a crime- No I did not, yes you heard it right I did not. With the birth of a child a mother was also born who was learning.” Moral of the story: It is not easy being a mother and it will all be a role coaster ride with new challenges every day .If you feel you are the only one who is facing the everyday challenges being working/Non working mother then you are wrong look around and you will find several of your friends family and neighbors sailing in the same boat.

Like every one else mom's are not perfect and its ok to make mistakes( till it does not hurt your child) and learn from them. Forgive yourself and get ready to be a loving mom again!

Shruti Edlabadkar Sandhe

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