My scar is my badge of honour!
|   May 25, 2017
My scar is my badge of honour!

Yes, I am proud to be a C-Section mom and proudly wear my C-Section surgical scar.

While mine was a planned C-Section, I’ve never felt less of a woman because I didn’t deliver in the traditional way and I most definitely do not feel like less of a mother. Regardless of how I gave birth, I’m a mother, and a mother’s love is stronger than anything! So #CSecOrNot I'm proud to be a mom!

Now-a-days C Section has become more of an 'in' thing, but I strongly believe that one should go ahead for this surgery only if there is a pressing need. It is definitely not an easy way of delivery which saves one from the birthing pains. It should be treated like a surgery which will take its time to heal - the c-section stitches hurt, especially in the initial days when you have to breastfeed the baby with long hours of sitting. So for anyone who takes a call for C-section, it should be a well thought through decision.

My C Section has given me this beautiful scar that sits just low enough so no one will ever see it. I love my scar, it is a beautiful reminder of what it has given me and I feel proud to have carried my baby for nine months only to bring her into this world as a healthy, strong and thriving baby girl. It is a mark of beauty, of a body’s purpose fulfilled. I have earned that scar – a medal for passing the final exam into motherhood!  Every time I see it, I am reminded of my little blessing & the incredible gift of maternity.

My scar is my Badge of honor. It makes me feel strong and confident. I have also realized that as women, we often seem to focus on one part of our appearance that we really don’t like and let our attitude and self worth be dependent on this one thing when it is barely noticeable to anyone else.

The reason I’m sharing this is because I think scars, stretch marks & other physical “imperfections” are important because they remind us of where we came from, the family we belong to, or something we have survived.  Whether it is a lesson learned, a blessing received or a dream realized, we should accept & embrace them…because they make us who we are.  And that is beautiful!

I found a quote from Demi Lovato, who said, “I think scars are like Battle wounds – beautiful, in a way. They show what you’ve been through and how strong you are for coming out of it.”

It’s so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. There are things one can work on and change if it makes them happier and healthier. And some things one can’t change. My scar won’t change and I don’t want it to. My scar is a souvenir from the most amazing day of my life. And it’s all mine, mine, mine!

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